It is again time to plant the newspaper garden pot seedlings straight into the patch.

As mentioned previously,  this job is so easy and fun for children to do.  Just dig a hole and plant the seedling and newspaper pot all together.  As the roots of the seedlings are not disturbed,  the success rate for the plant thriving is increased.

I have been planting broad bean seedlings this week.  Before I started planting,  I  added some chicken manuer and compost to the soil in preparation (dig it in, all together).

The broad bean seedlings were planted into a circular formation. Bamboo stakes positioned behind each seedling then tied together at the top, to resemble a teepee.  The stakes will support the plants as they grow.

Then I added some pea straw as a mulch.

Very simple.







In recent days, I may have noticed an unexpected benefit of planting seeds into newspaper garden pots.

As my newly planted seeds are mostly not netted, the annoying introduced black birds often scatch and dig at the soil looking for food and hence damage my plantings.  When planting my seeds straight into trays or pots, this is what the black birds do.


However interesting that my newspaper garden pots have again been left untouched by those pesky black birds.


The broad bean seeds have germinated and are growing well.  Time to plant the pots straight into the ground…….

If you are around the Green Square Markets this Saturday, come say G’day.
We (the Green Square Growers) will be set up in front of the information kiosk at the Markets.  Making paper garden pots with children (or big kids) at the markets.  Children will then fill their pots with soil and choose a seed to plant in their pot.  Of course children then take their pots home to care for and love.
Where are the Green Square Markets?
Gadigal Ave, Zetland (Joynton Park)
Where will we be?
In front of the information kiosk
What time will we be there?
10.30am to 12noon 
Everyone is most welcome to join in – bring the kids.  Or just pop by and say G’day.
Green Square Growers installs edible garden patch at Tote Park, Zetland - Green Square

When the President of the local Country Womens Association ask for volunteers to submit a receipe to our community newspaper,  I raised my hand.  Something different,  a bit of fun and hopefully some beneficial publicity for CWA.

So I decided on baking a gluten & dairy free orange and almond meal cake.

Today the cake receipe was in the newspaper along with a photograph of my little one, the cake and I.


I love the photograph as it is rare for me to be in our family photos (I am usually the photographer).  Shame my married surname was spelt wrong but that doesn’t really matter, especially as it isn’t often my first name is spelt correctly.

It certainly put a smile on my face today.

The cold windy weather has motivated me to update the hard plastic bar stool, that I have been using as a nursery chair.  Every night, bottle and story time is dampened by that uncomfortable chair.

For some time I have had an Ebay alert for a second hand ‘rocking chair’ within 50 kilometers from our home. Last week I believed I was alerted to our ‘new’ nursery chair.  Advertised as the most comfortable rocking chair ever,  the pictures portrayed an old yet loved chair.  This was the one.

Last night the cold winds blew but inside our nursery, I was warm and comfortable as our little one drank her bed time milk on my lap.  She drifted off to sleep with tales of bees and butterflies, as the chair rocked gently.

I sat rocking and thinking of the  generations of mothers and children before me, who loved this chair.

Many today have a mindset that new is always best, but for me, often ‘new’ is lacking. Lacking of history, stories and warmth.

I had intentions of painting the chair’s frame white and updating the upholstery.  However since positioning it into our nursery, I have fallen in love with it’s outdated retro style.  I can’t explain it but I feel this old pre loved rocking chair has found a home with us and us with it.  It has brought another layer of warmth to our daughter’s bedroom – something that buying brand new could never have done.


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