We have been saving our toilet paper rolls.  Why?  Because I wanted to trial seed planting inside the rolls.

My first attempt proved faster to complete a seed planting session, than newspaper pots.

Toilet Roll Seed Plantings

One challenge however was to not spill soil everywhere with my hand spade.  This was my solution.

Solution for Filling Toilet Rolls with Soil, Ready for Seed Planting

Even though I placed all the rolls on a seed planting tray, they were still susceptible to falling over and loosing the soil from the bottom.  Keep seedings out of the wind and away from curious toddlers (not mentioning any names).

When ready to plant the seedlings into the garden,  I could use a kitchen spatula to pick them up carefully and then plant the seedling and roll straight into the garden.

It has now been a year living ‘our tree change’ in a semi rural area.  We have now experienced every season in not only our new home but also in our community.

Spring is a magical time here. Every weekend there is a country fair, school fate or car boot sale for the community to gather together.

Today my family wondered through a car boot sale, held at our local public primary school.  A gorgeous sunny day to chat with numerous friendly faces that we have met throughout the year, while searching for some second hand goodies.

This particular goodie attracted my eye and made me smile.

Willow Farm Signage


It now proudly hangs close to our front door – as if it has always been there. Not only is the green the exact colour of our home’s trimmings but also the name of the farm holds special significance for my family.

Apparently our ‘farm’ is now open for business.


Four years ago, I had very little knowledge about growing food – I did however possess a keen interest.  So hence I enjoyed researching and learning all things ‘edible gardening’.

However a big part of my knowledge has simply come from ‘having a go’.  Not letting my lack of knowledge in the beginning,  be an excuse not to start.

Four years later, I still enjoy learning in this manner.  So hence this week I purchased some organic heirloom seed potatoes (Dutch Cream).

I planted them in two large garden pots with lots of organic matter (chicken manure and compost) and then a little mulch on top.

The metal grate is positioned on top so the annoying black birds won’t dig up, that which I just planted.

Now let’s see what happens and what I will learn…….

As Sydney and greater Sydney was drenched in today’s relentless down pouring,  we got creative inside.

A saved, large air conditioning cardboard box and an old blue sheet became a tunnel cubby house.  Large cardboard boxes are gold when you have children.

On a sunny day the cubby house can also be taken outside, but not today.  Today was not even a rain coat and boots day – just a bunk down inside day.





From the age of 12 months, our little gardener, was crawling into the veggie patch to pick the red cherry tomatoes.   I will never forget my surprise and delight, watching her eat her first handful of fresh,  organic cherry tomatoes straight from the bush.

Six months later, she is pulling radishes from the ground and eating them. 

There is nothing like planting seeds and watching them grow into food producing plants.  Still today as an adult, I’m excited seeing seeds sprout.  Therefore I can only imagine how wondrous it is for children.

Hoping these photos may inspire and encourage you to start growing your own food.  If you have never tried, start with some herbs as they can grow in pots if you have no space and are generally easier to grow.

Enjoying fresh fruit and vegetables, is just one of many benefits of growing your own food.





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Professional photographer and entrepreneur now living in a semi rural town South of Sydney, Australia. Wife. Mother. No longer wanting to use the excuse of 'being too busy' to care for the environment, animal welfare and my community.

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