Easter for me has always been synonymous with rain – it just always rains at Easter. Not this year!!!!  Glorious warm sunshine is predicted to continue for the whole Easter break.

Here are some photos of my Easter Saturday:


‘Dahlias’ – captured while walking through a neighbour’s property at lunch time.



Finished painting our two small cupboards.  Check out the cupboards unique paint job, created by the previous home owners.  The door knobs have been hand painted – purchased today from a local store (30mins away is local, now we live in the country).

It’s been a great day!

For months I have been battling with the introduced European Black Birds in our area.  They were eating my cherry tomatoes before I could pick them.

After losing every battle with them (clearly they are of higher intelligence), I decided on a compromise,  a truse.  Left over fruit, bread and veggies from our little one’s meal, is now thrown onto the ground for the black birds to eat.

Amazingly my arrangement with the birds is working however I can’t help feel I am enabling and encouraging their behaviour – it won’t be long till their friends and offspring hear about it too.

Now that the black birds are leaving our veggie patches alone, small white fluffy dogs have been causing me grief.  I guess I can’t blame our dogs Mini and Cooper, after all, up until recently they have been City dogs with no experience of large gardens.

This was the solution I decided upon to keep small dogs out of the vegetable patches (made from lattice off cuts we had in the garage).


Now to see if it will work in the coming days…….


Can you find both white dogs in this photo? (it’s like ‘find Wally’)

So we purchased our dream quintessential old country home.  A house full of charm, character and ‘potential’, is how the real estate agent described it.

Yes we wanted a home that we could renovate and add our own decorating personality, so ‘potential’ was a good fit for us. We have some work to do.

Today I picked up a paint brush to tackle the previous owner’s personality upon our home.  Really what were they thinking?…..


Believe it or not, there is a matching pair of these uniquely painted ‘Harry Potter’ cupboards.

Antique White paint in semi gloss to the rescue.  First coat completed.  Will update you once finished……

BTW I am also painting a side hall table I purchased second hand.  Photos to come on this project too…….

Making your own roasted tomato pasta sauce is so easy and yummy.

This recipe varies each time I make it, depending on what is ripe in our garden or in season at our local farmer’s produce store.


Oil an oven baking tray.  Add cut up roma tomatoes (romas are good for sauces), carrots, capsicums and some whole mushrooms.   Also add a couple of peeled garlic cloves.

Drizzle oil on top (I prefer rice bran oil) and sea salt. Bake in oven for 25min at 200 degrees C until tomato edges are blackened.


Then add fresh basil (sweet, Greek or box basil or even a combination). Bake for a further 5 minutes.

Add roasted vegetables and the juices into a food processor along with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar.  Season with salt and pepper to taste. If too thick for your liking, add a little water.

The beauty is that you can make plenty of sauce to freeze or fridge what you don’t eat straight away.

Use with your favourite pasta, pizza base, lasagna – whatever takes your fancy.

Bon appetite


I was motivated to photograph the blood moon tonight and even set my mobile alarm to remind myself of the event.

At 5.23pm I was outside and ready but alas no sign of the rising blood moon.  Sydney and further afield was overcast.

Slightly disappointed,  I decided to post a photo of blood red cherry tomatoes instead.  These were freshly picked from our garden yesterday.


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