Flowering Broccolini at 4am

Currently it is 4am in the morning.  I have been awake since 2.30am. Getting out of bed to do something productive is not my preferred option – it is just too cold and may wake the sleeping family.

So now I am hiding under the covers so the illuminated light from my mobile phone doesn’t awake my husband.


Sharing a photograph of flowering broccolini at 4am just feels appropriate (not sure why).

I have allowed one full bed of brocollini to flower this season because it attracts the bees and because it also attracts me to the garden too – as very little is currently flowering.  Don’t worry there is plenty of brocollini to eat.

I’m feeling a little sleepy now….

Photograph Sunday – Selfie


My gardening, gum boots selfie

This is me.  Donning second hand gum boots and very old work clothes (jeans once belonging to my husband and a jumper I have owned since I was 16).

This is a real, non photoshopped self portrait, set amongst my beloved garden. 

For years I have wondered the potential harm we create for our growing daughters, when they look into the mirror then compare what they see against their mother’s highly photoshopped portraits, at the same age.

Something to ponder (or not) over the weekend. 

Photograph Sunday – Hello Winter


Tomorrow is the first day of Winter.

When the wind stops and rain eases to allow the sunshine through the clouds, the days are delightful here throughout Winter.

Blessed is the gardener who can plant seeds in every season in their garden.  I will be continuing planting peas for the next two weeks, then planting onions.  Lettuce and spinanch I will continue to plant throughout winter too.

Have a lovely weekend everyone – get outside and enjoy!!

Bye Bye Mum


Today with a heavy heart, we say goodbye to my Mum who has been staying with us for six weeks.

She heads home to sunny, warm Queensland  (escaping our winter).

My love of gardening and cooking was inherited from my Mum.  Some of my happiest childhood memories was spent in the garden with my family and eating my Mother’s home cooked food.

Love you Mum. Safe travels. See you soon. xox

Photograph Sunday – Meet the Fur Family


Mini, Cooper and Max (left to right) wait outside the kitchen baby proof gate. Waiting in hope!

Don’t be fooled by their tiny brown eyes or sad demeanor.  These three dogs are loved and spoilt.  Mini and Cooper are our white, fluffy dogs.  Max is visiting with his Mum – who is also my Mum (I guess that kind of makes Max my brother).

They sit in continuous hope for treats from the kitchen.

The gate enables me to cook uninterrupted from the Toddler and the Fur Kids.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!