The Hardest Post I Have Ever Written

For weeks, I have picked up my smart phone with the intention of tapping out this post – only to put the phone down again.

I have tossed words and sentences around in my mind, searching for accuracy in my meaning.

Only today has it occured to me that I have been waiting for insight and understanding before writting this post.

Since my last post, the ‘energy’ surrounding my blog writing has changed.  For over 6 years I have blogged with the pure desire to share, inspire and to personally enjoy. Blogging regularly was never a chore or hard. However something has changed.

For days and weeks, I have struggled to gain meaningful insight as to the cause of the change with no avail. Therefore as I can’t share why, at least I can share the what – that for now I am taking a brake from GreenerMe blogging.  Allowing myself the space and time to ponder my current energy and feelings.

When will I return?  It may only be days or it may be months or potentially this may be my last blog post – truthfully I don’t know.

Thankyou to YOU.  You my loyal, supportive, funny, joyous and kind readers – many of whom I consider friends, though we have never met. The rose below is for you (it is from my garden).

Finally, as always on a positive, I will of course be continuing in my many volunteering community and environmental roles.  If you wish to continue following my journey, take a sneak peak at the Green Square Growers, Buxton Community Garden, MacArthur Seed Savers and CWA Piction Branch.


16 thoughts on “The Hardest Post I Have Ever Written

  1. I am catching up with my long-neglected blogging buddies this new year’s eve – in between preserving an abundant fruit harvest and trying to stay cool through our second December 2015 heatwave in South Australia.

    I too have struggled with blogging regularly this year and decided to just blog randomly when the inspiration to do so happens! I also started up-cycling discarded dolls this year, Sarhn. I just love the crafty/ creative/ waste reduction aspect. Recently, I started my ‘Blue Planet Dolls’ Facebook page and somehow managed to sell a few at a local market. It will only ever be a hobby but it’s nice to be able to cover my costs 🙂

    One of my goals for 2016 is to return to blogging about living sustainably and perhaps make it more fun & less serious – less about Climate Change & more about an adaptation/ mitigation way of life.

    Thank you for all your inspiring posts and all the best for 2016!

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  2. Dear Sarhn,

    I was just wondering why I hadn’t heard from you in a while so I dropped in to check up. Then I read this. I hope all is well and you are finding a peaceful replenishing and re-calibration of your spirits.

    Just wanted to let you know that you’re missed, but I totally get it. Do your thing!


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  3. I adore blogging but for a time there I was lucky to write a post a fortnight. Now I’m going to try harder. I shall miss you and hope that you will return soon. I do hope that all is ok with you – but I understand. You take care and look after yourself! Hugs

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    • Thank you Julie – you are one of those readers that I consider as a friend. There are plans maybe for next year to visit NZ (visiting family). Who knows maybe we might actually get to meet in person down the track. Hugs back my friend. 🙂


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