Photograph Sunday – The Beauty in a Child’s Mess


I call this my ‘Beauty in Mess’ photograph.  A natural, undirected shot of Our Little One – amongst her toilet tissue debacle.

Only moments before she was tearing through the house with ‘kilometers’ of fun trailing behind her.

Amongst the mess, it was the light to first grab my attention.  Then the contrast between the red rug and white paper.

This is my favourite smart phone image captured this week.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Environmental Thinking With Your Investments


We believe our rental tenants are like VIP clients. Therefore we are quick to resolve any issues.

So when I was advised the stove in one property was broken again, I knew it was time the oven needed to be replaced (I took the photo so I could remember which element wasn’t working this time).

Being committed to making daily decisions that are best for sustainability, also includes our investments.

So after checking the oven measurements we went shopping / researching online. Unfortunately we didn’t have much choice with the new oven brand because we could only find one which would fit into the tight space. However choices of where we could buy the oven were plentiful.

We decided on buying the oven from 2ndsWorld because they offered a service that no one else did.  For an extra cost they take the old oven away to be recycled.

This service was a better choice for our natural resource limited world.

I will now tell 2ndsWorld the reason we purchased from them (their recycling service) and perhaps I will tell the other companies I didn’t buy from them because they didn’t have a recycling service. 

Visit to Little Field Mice Farm & Elderflower Wine

Last Saturday, together with my local Seed Savers group, we visited the Little Field Mice Farm.

Before we all learnt about making elderflower wine, we were given a guided tour of the farm.  It wasn’t just the children who had a brilliant time.






After the tour and lunch, it was time to get stuck into learning all things elderflower.  Also as a surprise we were going to learn about apple cider making.


Now for the sad truth……  It was at this point my Little One started to loose it.  She was tired.  Tired from a lack of sleep, tired from a big day and tired from fighting the virus we both have had.

So with a very heavy heart, I bundled her up into the car and drove home.  Yep I missed the workshop.  Any parent will know exactly how I felt driving away from something I have been so excited to partake in.

However I am so glad that I was still able to attend.  The farm was inspirational and as always it was very enjoyable to be around friendly, like minded people.

The good news for those readers who were hanging out for elderflower wine making information, is that Macarthur Seed Savers will be updating their blog shortly with the details.  As soon as they do I will add a comment below with the link.  I’m happy to notify you personally of the posted details if you leave a comment to let me know.

In Conclusion?
Despite the day ending differently to planned, I had a thoroughly enjoyable day.  Thank you Little Field Mice Farm!!!

It Is Not Personal


My dress strap snapped while I was twisting around, trying to entertain our Little One in the back seat of the car (don’t worry, Hubbie was driving).

I showed the detached strap to Hubbie and sighed “It’s not personal”.  The statement was a personal reminder.

The strap was another irritation to my day’s long list of ‘things gone wrong’. My annoyance was compounded by my lingering bad health (still fighting my bug).

As more proof that I am not a Super Woman, such days have the potential to make me very grumpy.

However I have learnt my need to quickly control my reactions – not allowing them to control me.

So hence I will often remind myself to keep perspective by loudly announcing:

“It’s not personal”
“This is a first world problem”
“Fight the fights that are worth fighting”
“Remember to breath Sarhn”

I am confident that there are readers right now thinking “what does this have to do with sustainability or the environment?”

My answer is EVERYTHING!

Our psychology, beliefs and even self awareness impacts every aspect of our life and environment – not only personal environment but the natural environment too.

This concept fascinates me and hence I often ponder the implications. 

I call it ‘A Green Psychology’ and have written many posts (under the category ‘A Green Psychology’) exploring why and how our individual psychology impacts our environment.

If I have sparked your curiosity or you are already interested in human behaviour regarding the environment, let’s chat – would love to know your thoughts.

Our Verandah Cubby House Update

It is’nt long now till our Little One turns two.  Her birthday present will be a Cubby House, that we are creating for her in an unused section of the verandah. 

My goal was to not only use upcycled items to decorate the cubby but also to do all the building / restoring work myself.

With three weeks lost due to illness, I was starting to become concerned about the completion deadline.

However after two days dedicated to the cubby, I feel that I’m back on track.

Here is a sneak peak of how it is looking.  The back wall mural is not yet finished.  Imagine the tree trunk with leaves shaped as butterflies and fairy silhouettes dancing on the branches.


Check out what this area looked like before renovating and the cubby house decorating commenced.

I am very excited about sharing the finished cubby ‘masterpiece’ with you all soon.

Eco Friendly Cleanning Our Dishwasher with Vinegar

For some time I have wanted to clean our dishwasher but the project has been in my ‘need to research basket’.

How do I clean a dishwasher without harming the environment?  The current commercial dishwasher cleaning products aren’t environment loving.

It was my Mum who suggested placing vinegar in the ‘dishwasher tablet draw’ then put the dishwasher through a cycle (without dishes).


I also took out the filter and soaked it in a water / vinegar solution to give it a clean too (approx 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water). 

And the result?


Shiney :)

How do you clean your dishwasher?  Do you clean your dishwasher?

Native American Food Planting Technique Update

It’s been almost five months since trialing an old Native American crop planting technique.

What I Would Do Differently?

* Next time I would allow the corn to grow to at least 50cm before planting the beans – ensuring the corn stalks are strong for the beans to attach to.

* I will only grow one variety of heirloom corn at any season.  Even though different varieties were grown at least 15 meters apart, I think cross pollination still occurred – meaning some of my corn got ‘muddled’ up and hence not great to eat (we get strong wind storms).

In Conclusion

* Overall I felt the experiment was a success and I will be planting beans, corn and pumpkin together again next season. The corn has now finished producing but the stalks remain – providing support for the beans. The bean growing season is not over yet.