Six and Half Years Later….

Hello? It has been awhile. For those who still remember me here, I wanted to share what I decided to do since saying goodbye with my last post on the 18th of Nov 2015.

Still driven with my passion of making a positive difference, I opened up a karate dojo in Wollondilly in 2017. Teaching life skills like courage, focus, discipline, strength and resilience.

Then inspired to make a positive difference on a wider audience with my martial arts teaching, I am the author of the young adult fictional novel ‘Osu’. Sharing that great things are possible for all; one doesn’t need to be a magician, vampire, or gifted to do extraordinary things (lots of environmental and sustainable messages woven in too, because that is who I am).

Those who achieve great feats, are not carved from a different stone, nor are they superhuman. They just know and do things differently. All of which can be taught and learnt if one is open.

Would you like to be the first to read my novel before it is released?

You can find me on Instagram as sensei.sarhn

The Hardest Post I Have Ever Written

For weeks, I have picked up my smart phone with the intention of tapping out this post – only to put the phone down again.

I have tossed words and sentences around in my mind, searching for accuracy in my meaning.

Only today has it occured to me that I have been waiting for insight and understanding before writting this post.

Since my last post, the ‘energy’ surrounding my blog writing has changed.  For over 6 years I have blogged with the pure desire to share, inspire and to personally enjoy. Blogging regularly was never a chore or hard. However something has changed.

For days and weeks, I have struggled to gain meaningful insight as to the cause of the change with no avail. Therefore as I can’t share why, at least I can share the what – that for now I am taking a brake from GreenerMe blogging.  Allowing myself the space and time to ponder my current energy and feelings.

When will I return?  It may only be days or it may be months or potentially this may be my last blog post – truthfully I don’t know.

Thankyou to YOU.  You my loyal, supportive, funny, joyous and kind readers – many of whom I consider friends, though we have never met. The rose below is for you (it is from my garden).

Finally, as always on a positive, I will of course be continuing in my many volunteering community and environmental roles.  If you wish to continue following my journey, take a sneak peak at the Green Square Growers, Buxton Community Garden, MacArthur Seed Savers and CWA Piction Branch.


Work Holiday on the Sunshine Coast of Australia



It’s lovely when you can mix business with pleasure.  Escaping Winter on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland has been an enjoyable ‘fringe benefit’ of work.

Little One and I will be staying a little longer in the sun with my family.

Soon I will share photos of a community garden which is around the corner from where we are staying – it is very cool.

Recent Inner Reflection on My Blog Writing

These last few days of blog silence, I have been smiling while reflecting.

From the beginning of my blog (way back in 2008), blogging was a way to journal my thoughts, findings and changes.  A way to remember what, when, who and why for my future reference but in a public medium, so I remain accountable and open.

Earlier this year, I was seriously considering changing the purpose of my blog writing.  From writing for myself to monetising my efforts.

However after much investigation, consideration and inner reflection, I decided this was not the direction that would be most beneficial for my family’s goals (at this time). 

There is never enough time to do everything but always enough time to do what is most important.

These past few days of my blog silence, confirms I have made the correct decision.

All this being said, I can assure you that I will continue posting GreenerMe posts – just for the pleasure and enjoyment of it.  ‘Business as usual’ as nothing changes.

I’d like to take this time to say “thankyou” to you!  To you the reader (the quiet lurkers and the many who have reached out over the years, to share with me – I appreciate you all).

Going forward there will again be times of frequent post updates and yes sometimes infrequent updates too (life sometimes gets in the way of what we want to do).

Until tomorrow….


Tomorrow I will share my gluten free playdoh recipe - for some sustainable children play fun.

Can You Bless Temporary Mess?


After the weekend, there are numerous sections of our house that resemble this messy photographic example.

Mess that I know won’t last, is tolerated however it’s ‘welcome’ is short lived. Monday morning I smile apon the mess, as it reminds me of the fun we have had these last two weeks, celebrating my husband’s major mile stone birthday.

By Tuesday the house will return to my preferred tidy state but for now, I will savour having breakfast with my family while being at ease with the mess.

Ensuring everything is done or finished before savouring the present tense is a fallacy that robs one of joy and peace.

Winter Solstice PJ Party


This weekend gone, marked the passing of the Winter Solstice.  Now slowly the days will become longer however not necessarily warmer. Generally the coldest winter days occur after the solstice.

Usually Sundays are family fun days and getting into the garden days or numerous outside project days – but not this Sunday.  Instead we celebrated the winter solstice in our PJ’s watching cartoons.  Everyone in the family had a winter illness and of course being in your PJ’s always makes things better.

Thankyou to my husband who snuck this photograph – a candid Sunday family portrait in my two different PJ’s.  Did you notice that?

In times like these I prefer to focus on what I am grateful for.  What One has, is more powerful than what One doesn’t have.