The Hardest Post I Have Ever Written

For weeks, I have picked up my smart phone with the intention of tapping out this post – only to put the phone down again.

I have tossed words and sentences around in my mind, searching for accuracy in my meaning.

Only today has it occured to me that I have been waiting for insight and understanding before writting this post.

Since my last post, the ‘energy’ surrounding my blog writing has changed.  For over 6 years I have blogged with the pure desire to share, inspire and to personally enjoy. Blogging regularly was never a chore or hard. However something has changed.

For days and weeks, I have struggled to gain meaningful insight as to the cause of the change with no avail. Therefore as I can’t share why, at least I can share the what – that for now I am taking a brake from GreenerMe blogging.  Allowing myself the space and time to ponder my current energy and feelings.

When will I return?  It may only be days or it may be months or potentially this may be my last blog post – truthfully I don’t know.

Thankyou to YOU.  You my loyal, supportive, funny, joyous and kind readers – many of whom I consider friends, though we have never met. The rose below is for you (it is from my garden).

Finally, as always on a positive, I will of course be continuing in my many volunteering community and environmental roles.  If you wish to continue following my journey, take a sneak peak at the Green Square Growers, Buxton Community Garden, MacArthur Seed Savers and CWA Piction Branch.


Can You Bless Temporary Mess?


After the weekend, there are numerous sections of our house that resemble this messy photographic example.

Mess that I know won’t last, is tolerated however it’s ‘welcome’ is short lived. Monday morning I smile apon the mess, as it reminds me of the fun we have had these last two weeks, celebrating my husband’s major mile stone birthday.

By Tuesday the house will return to my preferred tidy state but for now, I will savour having breakfast with my family while being at ease with the mess.

Ensuring everything is done or finished before savouring the present tense is a fallacy that robs one of joy and peace.

Do You Desire to be a Catalyst?

Within a chemical reaction, a catalyst will increase the speed of the reaction.  A catalyst does this with less energy and often with only a small amount of catalyst is needed.  The catalyst is never consumed.

The parallels between these chemistry characteristics and that of sustainable, visionary leadership, inspires me.  Inspiring ‘chemical reactions’ for positive change. 

Sharing the vision and promoting the possibility, then allowing others to be apart of and own the vision.  In so ensuring the vision spreads, grows and strengthens while ensuring one doesn’t  burn out or become consumed.

Being a visionary catalyst is about ‘giving birth’ to belief. Then like a ‘parent’ you will nuture, support and care for your belief ‘child’.   Your child at some point will mature and like a parent you will need to let go.   Micro managing is not the visionary catalyst’s role.  Micro managing will kill the visionary and vision.

Let go and trust your communication of the vision.  Trust those who believe and support the vision. Trust is empowering others to become leaders.

Regardless if you are a leader in a work situation or a leader in an environmental mission or voluntary community group, the lesson is the same. I wish I understood this lesson in my earlier leadership roles.


Why is there a photograph of Autumn leaves accompaning this post? I can't think of a connection - I just like Autumn leaves.

Photograph Sunday – Selfie


My gardening, gum boots selfie

This is me.  Donning second hand gum boots and very old work clothes (jeans once belonging to my husband and a jumper I have owned since I was 16).

This is a real, non photoshopped self portrait, set amongst my beloved garden. 

For years I have wondered the potential harm we create for our growing daughters, when they look into the mirror then compare what they see against their mother’s highly photoshopped portraits, at the same age.

Something to ponder (or not) over the weekend. 

Optional Suffering

Lately I have had some friends and acquaintances entrust their ‘stories’ with me. Harrowing yet boldly brave in the face of adversity.  I listened with humbled respect.

These people and stories were a strong reminder that in life, pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.

Suffering manifests suffering – compounding in our own lives, others and also our environment.  It is poison but it doesn’t need to be.

It is my choice, it is your choice.  It will always be our choice.

Not having a photograph to accompany today’s post was intentional – let these words permeate through your vision and linger in your conscious.

Major Milestones – How Do You Handle Change?


What a difference a week makes.

Without tears or hesitation our Little One took her first swimming class without me in the water too – just her and the teacher.  To say the transition went swimmingly is not only a pun but an understatement.

Then two nights ago, our Little One announced loudy “potty” while tugging at her nappy.  Once I helped her remove her nappy, she then proceeded to do a number 1 and 2 in the potty.  My husband and I danced, clapped and cheered for the rest of the night.

To my surprise, she has continued to successfully use the potty every time without my prompting – I had no idea how often a child does number 1’s.

I sense this developmental mile stone, signals things will change very quickly on our home front.

The only constant in life, is change. The happiest people I know, understand this and embrace it (not fight or attempt to control it).

I Choose Hope, Joy and Positivity

Positivity, hope and joy always trumps negatively, as tools for influencing change.

In regards to environmental matters, the negative “sky is falling” strategy, often achieves the exact opposite to what is wanted.  Instead of motivating people to change, people’s ears become closed and eyes shut.

In comparison; inspire people, make them ‘feel good’, make them laugh and give them believable and achievable hope – then people will listen, learn and more likely change.

Last night I was reading our Little One a bed time story, that was borrowed from the Library.

It depicts a young boy’s love of the only tree left in his city.  One day the tree was removed.  The boy’s pain and loss turned into hope, when he found a clipping of the tree.  He planted the clipping in the basket of his tricycle – so it could be close to him wherever he rode in the city.

On the last page of the book is a beautiful illustration – showing people being inspired by not negativity but by the boy’s hope and joy.

Look closely and ‘feel’…


'Last Tree in the City' book by Peter Carnavas. Thankyou Peter for such a wonderful children's story - a story and message for all of us!