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Six and Half Years Later….

Hello? It has been awhile. For those who still remember me here, I wanted to share what I decided to do since saying goodbye with my last post on the 18th of Nov 2015.

Still driven with my passion of making a positive difference, I opened up a karate dojo in Wollondilly in 2017. Teaching life skills like courage, focus, discipline, strength and resilience.

Then inspired to make a positive difference on a wider audience with my martial arts teaching, I am the author of the young adult fictional novel ‘Osu’. Sharing that great things are possible for all; one doesn’t need to be a magician, vampire, or gifted to do extraordinary things (lots of environmental and sustainable messages woven in too, because that is who I am).

Those who achieve great feats, are not carved from a different stone, nor are they superhuman. They just know and do things differently. All of which can be taught and learnt if one is open.

Would you like to be the first to read my novel before it is released?

You can find me on Instagram as sensei.sarhn

The Hardest Post I Have Ever Written

For weeks, I have picked up my smart phone with the intention of tapping out this post – only to put the phone down again.

I have tossed words and sentences around in my mind, searching for accuracy in my meaning.

Only today has it occured to me that I have been waiting for insight and understanding before writting this post.

Since my last post, the ‘energy’ surrounding my blog writing has changed.  For over 6 years I have blogged with the pure desire to share, inspire and to personally enjoy. Blogging regularly was never a chore or hard. However something has changed.

For days and weeks, I have struggled to gain meaningful insight as to the cause of the change with no avail. Therefore as I can’t share why, at least I can share the what – that for now I am taking a brake from GreenerMe blogging.  Allowing myself the space and time to ponder my current energy and feelings.

When will I return?  It may only be days or it may be months or potentially this may be my last blog post – truthfully I don’t know.

Thankyou to YOU.  You my loyal, supportive, funny, joyous and kind readers – many of whom I consider friends, though we have never met. The rose below is for you (it is from my garden).

Finally, as always on a positive, I will of course be continuing in my many volunteering community and environmental roles.  If you wish to continue following my journey, take a sneak peak at the Green Square Growers, Buxton Community Garden, MacArthur Seed Savers and CWA Piction Branch.


Did My Garden Survive?

It was good to be home after three and a bit weeks away.  Arriving back late in the evening, I couldn’t wait till the morning to view my garden.  I had been wondering how the garden would cope without my attention for almost a month.

In the early morning light, I grabbed my camera phone to capture the first glimpses of the ‘reunion’.

Well as you can see the garden not only survived but perhaps thrived in my  absence (I like that I need my garden more than it needs me).










Playing in the Sun for Work


My Mum and good friend Ian, chat while enjoying the view. Laguna lookout at Noosa National Park, Queensland, Australia

One week remaining before Little One and I travel home – back South of the boarder again.

Amongst the work that brought me up here to Queensland, we have been playing in the sun, sand and surf (gentle toddler friendly beaches).  The highlight for me has been catching up with good friends who live on the Sunshine Coast and spending time with family.

Perhaps escaping the end of Winter, may become an annual pilgrimage.

Community Gardens Valuable to Property Developers?


A traditional scare crow man in a brand new housing estate, community garden


Putting money into the donation box to support the community garden


Beautifully designed raised garden beds in a community garden


A community garden sign to encourage envolvement with the garden - my kind of sign


A shared raised garden plot in the community garden


Community garden local business supporters

Little One and I, are still in the sunshine state of Australia (Queensland).  I have been here for work (while poor Daddy has been home the majority of time for work).

As my Mum and family live here, Little One and I have been having lots of fun in the sunshine – work, play and family time. We have been staying with family in their brand new home in a brand new estate. 

The brand new housing estate (where we are staying) has a community garden which appears to be installed by the developers – to help build the ‘community’ and hence sell the houses.  Just think about that last statement for a moment. Could growing your own food and community interaction, now be a ‘value add’ by developers?

Never thought I would see the day that property developers would see value in a community garden.  This is probably more from their acknowledgment of the buyers wants and needs rather than their change of values – if you know what I mean.

Still I sense it is a positive direction.

Work Holiday on the Sunshine Coast of Australia



It’s lovely when you can mix business with pleasure.  Escaping Winter on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland has been an enjoyable ‘fringe benefit’ of work.

Little One and I will be staying a little longer in the sun with my family.

Soon I will share photos of a community garden which is around the corner from where we are staying – it is very cool.

Flowering Broccolini at 4am

Currently it is 4am in the morning.  I have been awake since 2.30am. Getting out of bed to do something productive is not my preferred option – it is just too cold and may wake the sleeping family.

So now I am hiding under the covers so the illuminated light from my mobile phone doesn’t awake my husband.


Sharing a photograph of flowering broccolini at 4am just feels appropriate (not sure why).

I have allowed one full bed of brocollini to flower this season because it attracts the bees and because it also attracts me to the garden too – as very little is currently flowering.  Don’t worry there is plenty of brocollini to eat.

I’m feeling a little sleepy now….