Six and Half Years Later….

Hello? It has been awhile. For those who still remember me here, I wanted to share what I decided to do since saying goodbye with my last post on the 18th of Nov 2015.

Still driven with my passion of making a positive difference, I opened up a karate dojo in Wollondilly in 2017. Teaching life skills like courage, focus, discipline, strength and resilience.

Then inspired to make a positive difference on a wider audience with my martial arts teaching, I am the author of the young adult fictional novel ‘Osu’. Sharing that great things are possible for all; one doesn’t need to be a magician, vampire, or gifted to do extraordinary things (lots of environmental and sustainable messages woven in too, because that is who I am).

Those who achieve great feats, are not carved from a different stone, nor are they superhuman. They just know and do things differently. All of which can be taught and learnt if one is open.

Would you like to be the first to read my novel before it is released?

You can find me on Instagram as sensei.sarhn

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