On the 25th of October 2006, I emailed all my friends, family, colleagues and associates an email titled ‘A Sneaking Suspicion’.  The subject of this email was my growing angst with our planet’s environment and my then lack of commitment to do anything about it.


Before this date, many people could relate to the wide eyed, idealist, optimistic teenager I once was (many, many years before 2006).  Who didn’t necessary loose her concern for the environment but none the less, over time with study, career and family commitments her ‘green’ flame was perhaps ignored.


A balance needed to be found and old flames needed to be awoken and hence ‘A Sneaking Suspicion’ was written. Though it took me another 18 months to start this blog after the email was written, I have continued writing about my ‘green’ journey to date.


My intention is not to judge or preach a green agenda in this blog but simply be open, honest and accountable on my own personal quest to be greener.


I would really appreciate your encouragement, assistance and any advice on my journey…….hey perhaps you could join me……let’s journey together!


‘A Sneaking Suspicion’ Email – written 25.10.06


“Hi Guys,

I have a sneaking suspicion that there are many more people like me…….People that do find themselves regularly thinking about environment issues……People that don’t just think about the issues but ‘feel’ them too.  If you are like me then you also don’t know what you can do.


For the last couple of years I have tried to do the best by treading lightly on this earth i.e. not wanting my stay here on earth to impact the environment.  By recycling as much as I can and trying not to bye things that can’t be recycled etc.

To be honest, this nagging gut voice inside me doesn’t go away. 


I wonder if I should be doing more.


I don’t know what to do.


Two months ago after talking to Brett, I decided to spend time researching and learning more about the issues.  The idea was simple, with education I hope to work out more of what I could do.


I am tired of saying to myself “Sarhn, wait till this busy period is over and then start your environmental education”.  Too many years have passed and the busy period never ended but environmental issues still remain.


Can I challenge my friends who also have this nagging voice inside them to also start today on the researching environmental issues?  Join me in my quest to start doing something.


Research = Education, Education = Knowledge, Knowledge = Action, Actions = A way towards a better earth.




15 thoughts on “Beginnings

  1. Hi Sally, thank you for your inspiring comment. It is all a journey. I can’t call myself 100% ‘green’ but I am proud that I am continually to live a ‘greener’ more sustainable life as each life rolls on.

    While I am on holidays, I just finished the book ‘Ecological Intelligence’ by Daniel Goleman. It has again changed my thinking on sustainability and I am inspired to research some of his thinking, write about it and most importantly apply it to my life.

    Thanks for reading Sally and sharing. Welcome to the journey!


  2. Hey Sarhn, right now I think I am about where you were four years ago. I’ve always been interested in living green but haven’t necessarily lived a very green life. Just having had a baby girl last September I’m starting to think more about how environmental issues are going to impact her life and what we can do to reduce our footprint. We’ve started by switching to renewable energies and buying a bokashi bin but like you I’m on a journey of discovery.


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  4. Hi Lou (aka our green mummy correspondent)

    Thanks for looking at those sites. If you do end up trying the nappies, I would love to hear your feedback.

    Pass on my congrats to Dave! I have to say that I am proud of what he is doing for the Tassie Devils. What would Australia be without our Devils (or Koalas or Bilbys, or Numbats, or Golden Bandicoots, or Easter Quolls, or Saltwater Crocodiles……….. etc etc etc).

    Lou does Dave have a link to a website with info on what he is doing with the Zoo?

    Love your work!


  5. Hi

    yes I will ask Dave pertinent questions about dog poo tonight. It will be a change from baby poo 🙂

    Meanwhile I have sourced some biodegradable nappies “safeties” and they are Aussie (just to top it off). Now to suss out how to buy a small pack to test on my son’s bottom…. for in the world of nappies you can spend alot of money only to find out they are no good – and then what do you do with them???

    Thanks for the websites, I have looked into them, and they offer all good things…which of course cost money. Heavy sigh.

    And good news – Dave has bred Tassie devils, so he wins the biggest enviromental brownie points for saving a species. How clever of him!

    cheers and beers


  6. Hi Louise,

    I have been stumbling across sites that may address your question about biodegradable nappies.

    Not sure about these sites or the products they sell (not an expert in baby stuff).

    I would love your thoughts on the products they are promoting Louise – you could be our green mummy correspondent.



  7. Humm….. Biodegradable nappies…………anyone got ideas for Louise???

    That is one area that I haven’t had to consider on my green journey but I do have two white fluffy dogs that are also keen to learn.

    Louise I am so excited that it has only been a week that this blog is live and already readers are swapping ideas and helping each other live green.

    I would be stoked and honoured if you could offer your advice and knowledge on my journey. I am thinking my first post may be about Mini & Cooper our dogs and how we can improve their footprint on this earth.



  8. oh my gawd, I think I am gunna pop….

    Thanks Andrew for the tip on Diggers club – JUST what I was looking for as I am about to start a veggie patch. And I especially didn’t want to go to a major retail store to buy my seeds/plants as it seems to defeat the purpose of growing your own, if all you grow is the same bland taste that you can already buy. Besides “where’s the love” with major retailers???

    And I was so looking for “real” and tasty food as a reward for my efforts, eg, a tomato that tastes like a tomato (same goes for strawberries), and tah dah…here it is…

    oh this is gunna be good fun!

    Now if I could just get an easy resource for biodegradable nappies which do as good a job as Huggies that would top of my day.



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