Playing in the Sun for Work


My Mum and good friend Ian, chat while enjoying the view. Laguna lookout at Noosa National Park, Queensland, Australia

One week remaining before Little One and I travel home – back South of the boarder again.

Amongst the work that brought me up here to Queensland, we have been playing in the sun, sand and surf (gentle toddler friendly beaches).  The highlight for me has been catching up with good friends who live on the Sunshine Coast and spending time with family.

Perhaps escaping the end of Winter, may become an annual pilgrimage.

Work Holiday on the Sunshine Coast of Australia



It’s lovely when you can mix business with pleasure.  Escaping Winter on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland has been an enjoyable ‘fringe benefit’ of work.

Little One and I will be staying a little longer in the sun with my family.

Soon I will share photos of a community garden which is around the corner from where we are staying – it is very cool.

Photograph Sunday – Meet the Fur Family


Mini, Cooper and Max (left to right) wait outside the kitchen baby proof gate. Waiting in hope!

Don’t be fooled by their tiny brown eyes or sad demeanor.  These three dogs are loved and spoilt.  Mini and Cooper are our white, fluffy dogs.  Max is visiting with his Mum – who is also my Mum (I guess that kind of makes Max my brother).

They sit in continuous hope for treats from the kitchen.

The gate enables me to cook uninterrupted from the Toddler and the Fur Kids.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Photograph Sunday – Happy Mother’s Day


My Mum and our Little One share a snuggle. Happy Mother's day everyone!!

Today is Mother’s day in Australia  (and probably New Zealand too).

If where you live it is not Mother’s day, pick up the phone and call your Mum (Mom) anyway.  If that is not possible, do something nice for a Mother who deserves a kind gesture.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Loving Our Liquid Amber Tree in Autumn


I am flat on my back – laying on our lounge room floor.  Fingers crossed this is a temporary strained back and that tomorrow I’ll be back to ‘normal’ again.

From the floor I can see my beloved Liquid Amber tree. From deep green to orange and soon bright red – the tree’s changing leaves puts on a spectacular show.

Not sure if my photograph captures the deciduous grandeur but I hope it adds a little Autumn colour into your day.