Work Holiday on the Sunshine Coast of Australia



It’s lovely when you can mix business with pleasure.  Escaping Winter on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland has been an enjoyable ‘fringe benefit’ of work.

Little One and I will be staying a little longer in the sun with my family.

Soon I will share photos of a community garden which is around the corner from where we are staying – it is very cool.

Photograph Sunday – Hello Winter


Tomorrow is the first day of Winter.

When the wind stops and rain eases to allow the sunshine through the clouds, the days are delightful here throughout Winter.

Blessed is the gardener who can plant seeds in every season in their garden.  I will be continuing planting peas for the next two weeks, then planting onions.  Lettuce and spinanch I will continue to plant throughout winter too.

Have a lovely weekend everyone – get outside and enjoy!!

Photograph Sunday – Signs of Autumn


The first shedding of leaves has begun. Against the rain inspired, dark green grass, the leaves are accentuated by the contrast.

Friday and Saturday the sun again shone it’s happiness.  Allowing recovery and respite from the weeks ravagging storms across NSW of Australia.

Today is also looking to be a sunny day too. I’m grateful for the sun.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Photograph Sunday – Dailie Flower Happiness


Dailie flowers are synonymous with country gardens – and they make me happy.  Ever since I can remember, I have called them ‘Day Lillies’, much to the amusement of gardening purists.

Where ever you are around the world today, I hope my dailies put a little sunshine into your day!

Have a great weekend everyone.