A Huge Thank You to ‘Greener Me’ Readers

A huge personal thank you to the many readers who have left a comment and or personally emailed me (found my email address from my business website).  Truly I am blown away by the response from complete strangers and also by my family and friends.


I doubt Geoffrey from Adelaide would mind if I posted his email to me.  Thanks Geoffrey, your email was very encouraging!


“Hi Sarhn. Geoffrey from Adelaide here.


I came across your greenerme blog in personal research on sustainability. Great job! So many of the articles were a great read – particularly the discussions on practical things like staples in paper and tissue waste.


It’s fantastic to see us Australians with a passion for the environment using technology to make a difference to the world.


I’m writing because I thought you might love to join http://www.EcoLivingScene.com.au , a new online forum I’m part of for Australian’s to discuss ideas for sustainable living e.g. how to reduce your energy and water bills, recycling, eco-friendly house design, organic cuisine and other current news and issues.


EcoLivingScene is NOT about eco-activism so much. It’s about average people inspiring and supporting each other to make simple and cost-effective lifestyle changes that everyone can make to help the environment.


You obviously live the passion, and have a wealth of information and experience. I think you’d really get a buzz out of being a big part of the group.


For a short presentation on EcoLivingScene visit here. http://www.ecolivingscene.com.au/index.php?autocom=pages&area=pres&do=intro


I hope you choose to join up and be part of the community!


Let me know if there is anything else I can help you out with to support the cause. Also, maybe you know someone in your circle who might want to join the EcoLivingScene community? Feel free to pass on this link http://www.ecolivingscene.com.au we really appreciate the support.


Cheers and keep up the great work!





Thanks Geoffrey, I did check out EcoLivingScene website and yes I registered as well.  Interesting idea!  Added your website to my Australian website’s links roll as well.  I am looking forward to reading some of the debates and comments on your site.


Thanks for touching base!

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Giant Worms, Orangutans & Doggie Poo

I am receiving many emails from friends and family about my attempts to live greener.  This email from my friend and fellow photographer Laura I just had to publish.  I have added below, her photograph of the very LARGE worm she is talking about.  Cheers Laura.


“Hello Lovely Sarhn,


Sorry this has taken a while, but I have been thinking of you and your doggie poo! And my own doggie poo – and where it has been going.


I have been asking around…


Angela (Sister) has heard from a couple of sources that worms will vacate fairly quickly if poop is introduced to their farm.


My extremely green and hip neighbour Barb, recommends a separate container dug into the ground. It should be covered with soil and moved more regularly than compost farm.


The day your email arrived, I found a GIANT WORM in my garage! I have attached a photo. Apparently they only surface when they are looking for love. They are very slow and don’t wriggle around like a little worm.  He was amazing.


I love the ‘Greener Me’ site and will investigate it more.


I am hugely into the PALM OIL awareness campaigns, and the protection of Orangutans. 2 years left for the Sumatran Orangutans if we don’t act now…

Isn’t that hideous. I guess it includes the Sumatran Tiger and Elephant, amongst others. All for PALM OIL el cheapo that we are all consuming.






Check them out – and add to your links if you like.


Cheers Sarhn,


Laura xx”

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Response – Andrew (2nd email)

Remember Andrew my chiropractor?  I told you he was quietly going about living a green life………here is his 2nd response to my email ‘A Sneaking Suspicion’ 


Andrew’s email received 30.10.06 at 8.35am


“Do you have space available for a vege garden? If so I have a great idea for cheap membership in a natural garden club that aims to reduce your footprint. The diggers club (probably online). I have membership and love the philosophy of the group that run it. They have display centres in Melb and publish a newsletter on various sustainable practices and things to watch out for in shops, purchases, etc. St Erth is one of their properties in Melb. Check out their stuff. No dig gardens are easy and I have one at home. We are just about to expand it so that we can get close to supplying our veges for the year. If you want any more feedback just give me a yell.


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Response – Maureen

Maureen is my mother’s sister and my Auntie Maus.  Love you Maus!


Maureen responded to my email ‘A Sneaking Suspicion’.

on the 28.10.06 at 11.29am


“Hi Sarhn

Received your engagement card and as you know I’ll be there with you and Brett to celebrate your engagement.

Did you hear Amber and Thomas are finally engaged?  No news of an engagement party but his Mum and stepfather are coming out from Spain for Christmas.

On the environmental issue, I can always pride myself in disposing of rubbish thoughtfully. As we are going into level 4 water restrictions I am now saving the rinse water from washing the salad vegies and putting them on my pot plants.  I’m reluctant to see them die as I’ve had them for 20 years and they’re expense to replace.  Also I’m going to buy a bucket for the shower recess and save the first lot of water that comes out.

The more I hear of saving the environment re greenhouse and water the more I listen to tips on preserving our earth.  As one Aboriginal said to me not long ago, the Aboriginals had this land for 40 thousand years before the Europeans and it has only taken them 200 years to bugger it up.  Food for thought hey?

Love to you and Brett

Maus xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

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Response – Tania

Tania is not only a colleague but a very good friend.  Tania and I are both wedding & portrait photographers in Sydney, Australia.  Many might say we are competitors but to us we have always shared knowledge and pooled resources and helped each other in our business. Tania Niwa Photography



Here is Tania’s response to my ‘A Sneaking Suspicion’ email. 



Email 25.10.06 at 8.26pm



“Well done – I have signed up and emailed my mates tooooo!!


I am starting by trying to avoid using the dryer – have been doing this for couple of weeks once I heard it was a big waste as I used it often – I prefer not to anyway!!!!



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Response – Andrew

Andrew is my chiropractor (Fairlight Chiropractic) and even though he isn’t an ‘annoying greeny preacher’, I am not surprised of his response as I just knew he was someone who actively pursued a green lifestyle.  He lives by example and quietly goes about inspiring others to do the same.  Here is Andrew’s response to my ‘A Sneaking Suspicion’ email.


Andrew’s email 25.10.06 at 12.40pm


“Sarhn I’ve been dabbling in this area and have a target of getting solar electricity generating panels on my house roof in the next 12mths. Rain water tanks etc etc. If we could get a bunch of people together we may be able to implement it at a cheaper bulk rate. I’m interested in joining you on the quest….”

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Response – Alex

My warmly, eccentric friend Alex was 2nd to reply to my ‘A Sneaking Suspicion’ email


Alex was my right hand man in running holiday camps for teenagers (many of who were troubled).  His wit, humour and regular irreverence kept me sane throughout these camps.


Alex’s email 25.10.08 at 12.02pm


“Charna!!!What a week from Charna –

first; free grog,

second; cruise invite.

finally; save the world.

well, I say;

– I don’t get out of bed for less than $10k and I have litres of home brew.  (I’d probably get out of bed for $10 but I’ve still got lots of beer at home)

– Your invite came through – thankyou very much – sounds shooper!  atm I will probably be in Hebron at that time, but stranger things have happened and I could still be there. Angie is hella keen though, but we will rsvp proper.  Your gut thing about the environment is admirable and I will see you on the 4th for some marching (any reason to protest johnny ill be there). I’ve got a similar gut feeling with the whole arab/israeli thing.

– See number two above. Also, in my new philosophy/theology – god doesn’t do much, it is us that screw things up and who also need to fix things up. So save the world here we come! 🙂

Great as always hearing from you and thanks for the invite.

– You’re looking pretty good on the invite charna but you do look like a wedding photographer, but your man – I think he’s overdosed on pommy genes.



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