Flowering Broccolini at 4am

Currently it is 4am in the morning.  I have been awake since 2.30am. Getting out of bed to do something productive is not my preferred option – it is just too cold and may wake the sleeping family.

So now I am hiding under the covers so the illuminated light from my mobile phone doesn’t awake my husband.


Sharing a photograph of flowering broccolini at 4am just feels appropriate (not sure why).

I have allowed one full bed of brocollini to flower this season because it attracts the bees and because it also attracts me to the garden too – as very little is currently flowering.  Don’t worry there is plenty of brocollini to eat.

I’m feeling a little sleepy now….

Who’s Obsessed with Light?


As a professional photographer I have been obsessed with light for over 20 years (occupational hazard 😁). 

Today while gardening, it occured to me that I have also become obsessed with light as a gardener of edible plants.  Where, when and how long light falls apon my plants. Every season taking careful note that my veggie gardens have access to at least six hours of light (while protecting them from the harsh setting, Southern hemisphere’s Westley sun).

With the tremendous rainfall we have had over the last twelve months, trees have grown much taller around our vegetable gardens.  Taller trees and a lower sun (winter sun is lower in the sky than summer) means far less light.

Basically this all means, many more tree branches will need to be trimmed in the coming days – more branches to get creative with.