Easy Fence Making with Weaving Wattle Branches

It is raining.  It always rains over Easter.  I can only remember two Easters it hasn’t rained.

Most projects on my long weekend todo list, requires sunlight (painting, building etc). Despite the rain I was very keen to get into the garden.

Amongst the rain falling on my face, I had a random, spontaneous idea. “Let’s make a veggie garden patch fence with wattle branches”. We have a wattle vine bush in our back yard which is in desperate need of a major trim.  Now I have a use for those wattle brances.

Three hours later (and thanks to our Little One for having a big sleep), I completed my weaving creation.




Standing approximately 40 cm tall, it will help to keep two white fluff balls and a cheeky toddler out of my new broad bean seedlings.  Think I will continue weaving around the circumference of this garden patch – for complete protection.

Feeling very satisfied with my efforts today.

7 thoughts on “Easy Fence Making with Weaving Wattle Branches

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