An Unusual Week

It is Sunday night and I type these words with my laptop on my computer watching TV. 

Last week started unusually with a work truck running into the back of my car on Mona Vale Road.  Very thankful that neither of us was injured.

Then last week I had one camera needing repair but by the end of this week that number jumped to three.  In seventeen plus years of being a professional photographer I have never been in a situation of having three of my cameras out of action.  I took this as a strong omen to go out and buy another digital professional camera.  Always nice to get new ‘toys’ but I really wasn’t planning on buying new equipment for at least another six months.

This week was also unusual in that after five years of researching and planning, I launched a new wedding photographic business.  To say that the response to the launch was overwhelming, would be understatement. 

Amongst what I felt was an overall overwhelming week, I managed to have a huge clean up of my clothes.  Going through the wardrobes I placed on the floor anything I hadn’t worn in awhile.  After about half an hour, a pile had been created.  After another half an hour, Mini & Cooper had claimed the pile as their own. This photograph shows that they are blissfully unaware that the clothes are going to a new home – ‘ a Salvo charity bin’.

Mini and Cooper on clothes pile

Also this week ‘Becky’ had left two comments on the post ‘Why I will not buy Reflex 100% recycled paper’.  I asked her opinion on my newer post on the same subject ‘Proud now to buy 100% recycled Reflex paper’.

Becky’s response, comments and information again has flared my concerns for the claims Reflex makes.  In particular how little information can be found on their website and packaging about their 100% recycled paper.

Therefore I have decided to again check out Reflex’s website and packaging.  Once I have done this I intend contacting Reflex for a response.  I want to sort this out once and for all…………..for my own piece of mind. Stay tuned.


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4 thoughts on “An Unusual Week

  1. Nevyn they make me pay by looking sadly up at me.
    They give me that look that says “Mummy why are you taking our new bed away?? We are happy here!!”

    Thanks for the support re Reflex, I’ll post my findings once completed.


  2. Hi Sarhn,
    Your fluffy little puppies look very sweet and innocent. Did they make you ‘pay’ for getting rid of their new bed?

    The Reflex paper is a hard one. So many companies use words like recycled, green and environmentally friendly a little too freely. It’s getting harder and harder to separate fact from fiction. Good luck with your research.


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