What is everyone doing with their stimulus package?

The Australian government from the 1st of April, will be handing out the next stage of the stimulus package.  Up to $900 will be going to tax payers who have earned less than $100,000.00 last financial year (assuming you have your June 08 tax return done in time).


Regular readers will probably already know what I would suggest i.e. buy Australian made and owned products.  Also if the products could also benefit the environment like water tanks, fixing leaky water taps, water wise shower heads, compost bins etc that would be the topping on the cake for me.


There has been so much debate about the government’s fiscal policy to stimulate Australia’s economy, that I wondered what bloggers and readers were planning on doing with the money they received?


Thought it would be interesting to create a poll which will collect data on this subject anonymously.


I am interested in everyone’s thoughts?  Please leave a comment if you have anything further to add.

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11 thoughts on “What is everyone doing with their stimulus package?

  1. Hi Darren,

    Wow that is amazing. I am really happy to read that people are using the money to make themselves more environmentally friendly.

    I agree with everything you said. I’ll look forward to reading about the installation of the underground water tank.

    Thank you so much Darren for your comment.



  2. We fall into a sweet spot for these stimulus packages. Not too high an income, both parents working, three young children (including two at school and one who’s disabled). So we tend to get multiple dips.

    The stimulus package last year paid for a solar hot water system and a 1 kW solar power system.

    This year’s stimulus package will pay for an under-house rainwater tank (the bladder-type, about 5000-6000 litres hopefully) and a slimline tank (2100 L) down the side of the house. They will be hooked up to the laundry and toilet for additional water savings (and additional rebates!).

    All up, we’re probably accessing about $13,000 worth of state and federal rebates, and the balance of the money was given to us by the government in stimulus packages! So all these things are basically free for us.

    I see this as helping in many ways:

    – It obviously gets the stimulus money (plus rebates) back into the economy, which is what they want.
    – Accessing rebates sends a message to the government that people care about the environment and are putting their money where their mouth is.
    – By spending on “green stuff”, we’re supporting environmentally friendly industries.
    – By being vocal about what we’re buying we’re encouraging others to do the same, which has a multiplier effect for the environment and the eco industry.
    – We’re enhancing the value of our property.
    – We’re permanently reducing the running costs of our household, putting more spare cash back into our pockets every month.
    – We’re reducing our family’s environmental footprint.
    – We’re reducing pressure on the electricity and water supply infrastructure, helping (in a small way) to stave off the need to build more power plants and dams, and reducing the likelihood and severity of shortages.
    – Many of the products we’ve bought are Australian-made (although not the PV panels, sadly), and all the installers are local, so we’re helping keep jobs in our region and our country.
    – We’re teaching our kids the value of treading lightly on the earth.
    – The water tanks let us water our fruit and vegies without worrying about water restrictions, thereby ensuring their health and good harvests.

    Can’t beat that!


  3. Hi Sarhn, some of my money will be used as spending money on the Geat Victorian Bike Ride ( volunteering again) and the rest will be stashed towards my trip around OZ . Of course all money spent will be in the aid of stimulating local bussines.


  4. Hi Tricia you have nothing to be sorry about. Paying off debt is a sound exercise. Yes might not be good for our economy but these are hard times. If you can, spend, but if you can’t, pay off debt.

    Thanks for sharing and being honest 🙂



  5. Good point! Would have been a much better stimulus package if solar panels were also manufactured in Australia…

    I’m sorry to say we are using ours to pay off debt. We are really focussed at the moment on spending as little as possible and paying off debt. Not great for the economy i know….being a little selfish for the moment.



  6. Gav & Nevyn,

    You have installed my faith in the stimulus package. Nevyn I think you are correct on the solar panels not being made in Australia. In fact if I remember correctly the newest technology was created by an Australian man but he couldn’t get funding so he went to America and hence it is now an American company.

    Mr Rudd please look into this subject as I hear it time and time again. Why are so many Australian inventions going overseas for funding? What to stimulate the economy and help the environment Mr Rudd? Then look into funding Australian green inventions so the future of Australia could be leading the way in the green industry.


  7. Hi Sarhn,

    We bought 10 fruit trees and the winter seeds with some of our stimulus money. The rest is tucked away in the savings account for a rainy day.



  8. Hi Chuckles,

    I’m glad my psycho rooster gave you a laugh.

    We kind of got in early and pre spent our stimulus package. We got a 2kw solar panel system installed. They were supposed to be installed about the same time as the payments came through but we got an early opening and were able to get them in a month earlier. There was no way we were going to wait and we ‘dipped’.

    We went through an Australian owned company but the panels unfortunately come from China. Actually, I’m not even sure if anyone makes solar panels in Australia.

    So, technically we’re paying off debt but I voted for environment in your poll because that what the debt’s for and I never answer a question properly 🙂


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