Wood Firing Pottery Workshops in the Southern Highlands

I feel blessed to belong to a local community of creative and sustainable people.

Yesterday I was invited to Steve Harrison and Janine King’s home for morning tea.  Regular readers will recall my previous visit to their sustainable home, inspirational property and expansive pottery sheds.

I know many of my readers are local to me (Wollondilly & Southern Highlands NSW of Australia) therefore I wanted to share a link to find details of their wood firing pottery workshops.   Evidently many attendees travel long distances to attend.

All my potter friends have told me, any chance to learn wood firing from Steve and Janine, is an opportunity not to be missed.  As potters, Steve and Janine are renowned in Australia and Internationally.

As I am not a potter, I just feel blessed to know Steve and Janine as friends – kindred creative and sustainable spirits!

Photos from Steve and Janine’s expansive pottery shed:


Janie King, My Little One and My Mum






Fun pottery 'okay' hand on top of a kiln

3 thoughts on “Wood Firing Pottery Workshops in the Southern Highlands

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    • Elisa, maybe you could organise a group of potters to come down together to do one of their wood firing workshops. If you wanted to do their workshop (only opened to potters) you could stay with us. I haven’t forgotten you, will certainly advise when the Seed Savers group is invited back – we would love you to join us.


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