Photographs from Stage 1 Build of Buxton Community Garden

Stage 1 of Buxton Community Garden is complete!!  What’s next? We are planning two workshops on basic composting and building water reservoir, raised garden beds (wicking beds) – information coming soon. Both workshops will be in September. 

Stage 2 of our community garden will see more raised garden beds, building our meeting area, establish a three bay compost bin system and worm farm. 

Again I would like to take the opportunity to say “thankyou” to all the locals, community groups and businesses who sponsored and supported Buxton Community Garden!!


Children of our Town say "Thankyou" to local businesses who sponsored and helped make Buxton Community Garden a reality


With the generous free use of a 'Dingo' (thanks to Picton Hire), Buxton Community Garden stage 1 build was much easier


Building the first raised garden bed which will be turned into a wicking water reservoir garden bed


Our first raised garden bed is finished


Down tools. It's lunch time


Old black plastic garden pots, reused as planted seed markers - a permanent silver marker was used


Stage 1 build of Buxton Community Garden is completed - two raised garden beds built and a large planted area (netted to keep birds away)


The beginning of Buxton Community Garden


Stage 1 of Buxton Community Garden is completed - this time next year, in 5 years and in 10 years, we will look back at this photo with amazement on how far we have come. We have a big vision!


Buxton Community Garden grand plan


Update on Our New Community Garden Plan

Thursday night I met with those excited and dedicated to building a new community garden in our home town.

The agenda was to agree on our united vision statement and complete our grand community garden design. We achieved this with humour, fun and excitement!


We have not only agreed on the final ‘grand design’ but also agreed on identifing what items are important to complete for stages one and two of the garden building process.

Stage One (by Sep 2015)
shown as lime green / yellow on the map plan

* First water tank to be fixed to the community hall or toilet block.

* Turning the only existing garden (in the community garden area) into a ‘no dig garden’.  Possibly upgrading the retaining wall and adding stepping stones.  This garden will be mainly herbs and benefical insect, attracting flowers plants. At the top of this garden is adjacent to an existing high, wire fence.  Therefore this area lends itself to growing beans and peas etc.

* To build at least three raised garden, wicking, worm farm beds.

* For fun, build a sign post at the entrance of the garden – signaling what is to come in the future.

Stage Two (by February 2016)
Shown as pink on the map plan

* Install a three bay compost system.

* Install worm farm / farms.

* Complete all the raised garden, wicking, worm farm beds.

*  Paving around the beds.

* Built our meeting area

Future Stages Yet to Be Confirmed

*  Non citrus fruit tree orchard
*  Nut tree orchard
*  Citrus fruit tree orchard
*  Pigs & sheep
*  Chickens and chicken run
*  Strawbale gardens
*  Glass house
*  BBQ area
*  Cob oven area
*  Aquaponics area
*  Vertical gardens
*  Notice board
*  Bush tucker area
*  Fun and creative sculptures and ‘discoveries’ for children and adults eg sundial, flags, large snake & ladder outside game etc
* Revamp and upgrade to existing children’s play ground

Buxton Community Garden Vision Statement

Together building an edible and sustainable garden that everyone in Buxton can love and belong.  A place to learn, inspire and have fun, while creating a financial way to support our community garden.

Wollondilly Seed Events – This Week

This week in Wollondilly NSW (hour South of Sydney) there are two ‘seed’ themed events that I will be attending.

Friday the 15th of May

I will be running a ‘seed saving’ segment as part of the Picton Country Women’s Association monthly meeting. All Ladies are most welcomed to attend (no cost).  I’ll be sharing tips on saving your own seed from edible plants (saving you from having to buy seed every season). Click on the link above for details.

Saturday the 16th of May

My local Seed Savers group are joining with the Wollondilly Resiliency Network (WReN), for a Community Film Screening of “Open Sesame – The Story of Seeds”. Everyone is most welcomed.  As sests are limited you will need to RSVP (click on link above for details).


Early Winter Storms for Greater Sydney


What a difference a week makes. Last week I was gardening in a short sleeve top, while this week, warnings were issued not to leave the house for non essential travel.

The photograph is the view from our balcony window.  It is actually in colour – I think it depicts the early winter and stormy conditions rather well. 

Very saddly three people have lost their lives, in what has been called ‘the worst storm in NSW for a decade’. Full houses have been washed away – floating down rivers.

Next week I have family visiting from Queensland.  For my International readers, Queensland is tropical – the second largest State of Australia to the North East. Their catch phrase is; beautiful one day, perfect the next.

I have warned them to be prepared – pack warm clothes, really warm clothes. I am concerned.

At this point of Autumn, the cold conditions are here to stay but I am hoping to see the sun again soon – we don’t want to completely freak out the Queenslanders. Let’s hope they don’t watch the news.

Photograph Sunday – Our Local Area


Warragamba Dam is one of many dams in our local area but it doesn’t supply our water – millions of Sydney residents drink this water.

This photograph was captured on my smart phone, on new year’s day – we thought we would explore a little more of our new area.

Thought in particular GreenEggs would like to see this photo – we have only recently worked out, that I reside where she grew up (but now living abroad).  Cyber world can be equally small.

Happy Australia Day 2015


Today the 26th of January is Australia Day. The day Australians wear silly hats, patriotic t-shirts and some even paint their face with an Australian flag.  This day is to celebrate all we love about our Nation.  Most will celebrate in the great outdoors today – that is where Australians love to play.

Today my family and I will be heading to a community BBQ with live music, jumping castles and yes children’s face painting, which some adults will partake in. We will be wearing matching Australian t-shirts (why not?).


From our home, our little slice of Australia, I sincerely wish all my countrymen at home and abroad, happy Australia Day!!

What are you doing today?

Cleaning and Clearing After Mega Rain Storm



After Friday’s mega rain storm in the Southern Highlands / Wollondilly area, we needed to clear the mess.

My Hubbie photographed ‘Yours Truly’ sawing damaged tree branches – Jane of the Jungle.  There is nothing like putting my gum boots on, rolling my sleeves up and getting to work.

All we need now (after hours of cleaning up) is for the sun to come out and dry the remaining trickling stream – remnants of yesterday’s flowing river and cascading river.