Australia, Now This is Winter

It is hard to believe that last week it was snowing 30 minutes away from our house (very unusual).  This week the nights are still very cold but the days are bathed with warm sunshine.

Time to venture outside after our recent hibernation stint. Time to finally pick the winter mandarins.

This photographed mandarin tree is a miniature variety.  We have had this tree and pot since we lived in the inner City of Sydney.  Proof that you can still grow vegetables and fruit even if you have very little outside space. Space doesn’t limit you – your imagination and belief does.




Used Tissues a Useful Resource?


Our Little One has been very ill with an aggressive bacterial respiratory infection.

I have cancelled everything with the need to quarantine her from the world (for her sake and the sake of other Little People).

Now our kitchen waste container, holds the magnitude of waste tissues created daily.

Did you know you can compost tissues?   In fact tissues are considered ‘high carbon’ material for your compost.

Admittedly I am not overly technical with my composting, instead just focusing on these two ‘Sarhn’ rules:

1)  Have at least three times the amount of carbon material (dead waste like dry leaves, newspaper, dry straw and tissues) to that of nitrogen material (green grass, kitchen waste, green garden waste and even urine).

2)  Turn the compost at least weekly.

Most people find it easier to gather nitrogen material, than three times the amount of carbon.  Therefore a bad cold, generating an abundance of tissues can be considered a ‘silver lining’ for gardeners (don’t get me wrong – I would prefer a healthy and happy Little One).

Your used tissues are not waste but a resource.

Winter Solstice PJ Party


This weekend gone, marked the passing of the Winter Solstice.  Now slowly the days will become longer however not necessarily warmer. Generally the coldest winter days occur after the solstice.

Usually Sundays are family fun days and getting into the garden days or numerous outside project days – but not this Sunday.  Instead we celebrated the winter solstice in our PJ’s watching cartoons.  Everyone in the family had a winter illness and of course being in your PJ’s always makes things better.

Thankyou to my husband who snuck this photograph – a candid Sunday family portrait in my two different PJ’s.  Did you notice that?

In times like these I prefer to focus on what I am grateful for.  What One has, is more powerful than what One doesn’t have.

Who’s Obsessed with Light?


As a professional photographer I have been obsessed with light for over 20 years (occupational hazard 😁). 

Today while gardening, it occured to me that I have also become obsessed with light as a gardener of edible plants.  Where, when and how long light falls apon my plants. Every season taking careful note that my veggie gardens have access to at least six hours of light (while protecting them from the harsh setting, Southern hemisphere’s Westley sun).

With the tremendous rainfall we have had over the last twelve months, trees have grown much taller around our vegetable gardens.  Taller trees and a lower sun (winter sun is lower in the sky than summer) means far less light.

Basically this all means, many more tree branches will need to be trimmed in the coming days – more branches to get creative with.