EM Bokashi update & dog poo

On the 12th of July 2008 I wrote a post titled ‘What to do with dog poo?’.

This post was about how we were going to recycle our dog poo (and with two dogs, believe me when I say we have a dog poo factory at our house).

Now moving ahead to the 19th of October 2008,  I  bought some new plants back home from the nursery.  These plants were replanted in larger pots with potting mix and the dog poo that had EM Bokashi sprinkled on it (again read the post ‘What to do with dog poo’ for more info).


Here are photographs I took on that day:

Receycling dog poo with EM Bokashi powder



Today over four months along, I took another photograph of that same plant:


 Plant Growth with EM Bokashi powder and dog poo




Wow our garden pot plants love the dog poo.  As the soil level of pot plants need to be replenished, we top up with a mixture of potting mix and dog poo (sprikled with EM Bokashi powder).


For more help or advice with EM Bokashi powder or Bokashi bins have a look at Bokashi composting in Australia’s blog.

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