Organic, Child Friendly Pesticide


While gardening with our Little One this week, I was struck by the absurdity of my teaching “spray the pesticide on just the weeds”.

Children using pesticides, sounds totally irresponsible for a parent to ordain. Right??

No sooner than the words left my mouth, I immediately sensed the need to verbalise an explaintation.

There is no need to stress, as the ‘pesticide’ was an organic, home made recipe – totally safe for little ones to give a helping hand.

One a side note, according to biology, a weed is just a plant that someone doesn’t want.  It is quite possible for one person’s weed to be another’s valued plant.

Also according to permaculture, a weed is just a plant we have yet to find a meaningful use for – our knowledge being the problem and not the weed.

This week I was killing my weeds organically and environmentally responsibly.  Tomorrow I might be actually growing weeds or at least allowing them to live, for a greater purpose.


How to Make Your Own Organic Weed Killer Spray

My Mum told me about an organic, weed killer, spray recipe – so I gave it a go.

750 ml of vinegar
1 cup of epsom salts
2 tablespoons of environmental dish washing liquid (grey water safe)

Mix ingredients together and add to a spray bottle.  The hint is to spray on a hot, bright, sunny day.  Ensure weed is fully covered by the organic weed killer spray.

My Mum mentioned that it worked amazingly on some weeds but not so well on others.  However it is working well on all weeds in our driveway – have yet to find a weed that the spray doesn’t kill.




24 hours after: