Daily Gratitude


May our lives never be too busy or too consuming, to not have space for gratitude.

Last night I was particularly grateful for a warm bath, a glass of red and a sleeping Little One.

The old expression ‘count your blessings’ has been paramount in maintaining my balance, perspective and health, in challenging times.


Supporting Local Farmers and Community Spirit


Produce market at Sutton Forrest NSW Australia

Next to our family calender, is a list of all the local food, produce markets. Therefore each weekend, we know where to buy our fresh, locally grown fruit and vegetables.

It is important to my family, that we know exactly where our food comes from and to support our local farmers and food producers.

The photograph above was taken from a local farmer’s produce market we visited yesterday (in a town South of us).  The cane baskets, cardboard signs and freshest produce was an inspiring ‘throw back’ to before Australia’s multinational grocery duolopy.

We always have a choice.  Our purse and wallets are our biggest power and loudest voice.  Every time we spend money we vote for the life we want – the life we will support.

Yesterday’s visit to the produce market inspired me.  It gave me a potential idea for the future of our town, community hall and garden. 

I had a future vision for a monthly traders / produce market, held at our community garden and hall. An idea to support our local food growers and producers.  An idea to support our community garden and community hall.

Thought I would put the vision ‘out there’ – planting the vision seeds, to see where they may grow in the future.

Share the vision, paint the dream and promote the possibility.

Growing Your Own Food, if you Only Have 20 Minutes

The girl who returns from the garden is never the same girl who entered the garden – my stress is always swapped for tranquility.

If I have even a spare 20 minutes, it isn’t unusual to find me in the garden.



Here is what I got up to yesterday with a spare 20 minutes and any some space in our garden.  I love to pop into the soil single stakes to plant purple peas and sugar snap peas (or beans during summer).  Sometimes joining the stakes at the top to form a tepee but often just leaving the stake to stand alone (like a sad country western song).

My simple gardening philosophy is, if I continually and regularly plant seeds, then I will always have food to harvest from the garden.

Even just 20 minutes in the garden benefits my mind and body – growing good food and eating good food.