A positive outcome from Kraft’s boxing kangaroo

Thank you to all my readers who left comments and information in regards to my last post about the boxing kangaroo in a match with a human. There was a lot of discussion and one of my last comments, I stated that I would write an email to Kraft.  Below is that email which I sent only 10mins ago.  The email was sent to Simon Talbot who is the Head of Corporate Affairs and to Michael Magee who is the Director of Marketing for Australia and New Zealand.

Email subject – ‘A positive outcome from boxing kangaroo’

To Simon Talbot & Michael Magee,

My name is Sarhn McArthur and I live in Sydney, Australia.

As you may be aware there has been much media attention given to the recent ‘Rocky Circus Show’ which was apart of the Kraft sponsored BorderFest festival in Texas.  This attention as I am sure you are also aware, is because of Australia’s strong reaction to the treatment given of the Kangaroo in the show.

Firstly, I would like to say that I have personally read Kraft’s media released statement “We understand the BorderFest Association, which organises this annual cultural celebration, has apologised for offending anyone, particularly the people of Australia, with the kangaroo boxing display”.

Secondly, I would like to bring to your attention my local Australian blog GreenerMe.  On the 6th of March (Australian time) after watching the footage on a TV broadcast, I sat down at my computer and wrote a post about my disgust on the treatment of this Kangaroo and my annoyance that Kraft was sponsoring this event.

I would like to invite you to read this actual post and also my reader’s comments. https://greenerme.wordpress.com/2010/03/06/kraft-who-was-the-marketing-fool-behind-the-boxing-kangaroo-stunt/

Thirdly I would like to express again to you, one of my own comments on the post. “Kraft’s response was expected – nothing earth shattering exciting or proactive. Perhaps if AHA is not able to help exotic Australian animals who are in the USA maybe Kraft could put some money towards organisations who do help exotic animals being harmed in the US. Come on Kraft… you have an opportunity to do something wonderful out of something bad. Be a shinning beacon in the corporate world. Don’t simply wipe your hands and say ‘we are really not to blame’ but say ‘even though we are not to blame we want to help’.

This is just my view but I have to be honest, currently I view your brand (Kraft) as ‘takers’. You took Vegemite from Australia (yes I know you purchased it but I doubt you will find many Australians who are happy about the deal). Now change our view and show us you are givers! Show Australia you do care about your market. I challenge Kraft to do something positive, something wonderful, something out of the corporate ordinary world.

Come on Kraft I dare you!”

In finishing I would like Kraft to take the challenge seriously.
I believe Kraft has a wonderful opportunity to turn a nightmare of a sponsorship deal into something positive and productive.

It appears to me, from reading my reader’s comments that there are currently organisations who are working towards protecting cruelly treat kangaroos in the USA.  I believe these types of organisations would welcome and be grateful for any corporate sponsorship or donations that Kraft would like to offer.

I challenge Kraft to think outside the box, be creative and to seize the opportunity to show their Australian market that they do care about Australia.

Thank you for taking the time to read my email and I will look forward to your reply.

Yours faithfully,

Sarhn McArthur


Sarhn McArthur Photography
PO Box 355
Seaforth NSW 2092



‘Kraft’ who was the marketing fool behind the boxing kangaroo stunt??

I awoke very early this morning.  Turned on Sunrise Weekend and was dismayed at the footage being broadcast.  According to the reports in the Daily Telegraph this morning, Kraft who are the US owners of Vegemite, sponsored a boxing match between a kangaroo and a human.

The human is the kangaroo’s owner, Javier Martinez.  The report says Mr Martinez baits the kangaroo by pushing it and poking it before placing it in a headlock.  If the kangaroo fights back too much,  another person from behind restrains the kangaroo using a harness and a lead.

This was all part of a Kraft sponsored US event called the ‘Rocky Show Circus’ which was apart of the BorderFest festival in Hidalgo, Texas.  The event was designed to celebrate Australia.

I have to ask “Which Kraft employee was foolish enough to think this would celebrate Australia?”  The footage is upsetting, disturbing and cruel.

Attention Kraft management who may be reading my post – please listen.  I am passionate about Australia and being Australian and for a long time I have been annoyed that Vegemite is no longer Australian owned.  Now I am offended that the US owners of our beloved Vegemite would sponsor an event that would be so openly cruel to any animal, let alone an Australian mascot.  Are you crazy??  Have you any idea what this will do to your brand here in Australia?  Is your marketing team so far removed from common sense and human decency that they couldn’t connect the dots with this one?

I am thrilled that many other Australian early rises, have flooded Sunrise Weekend with complaints.  I know as other Australians awake to the news, that many more will be vocal on this.

All I ask from my fellow outraged Australians is that we become equally vocal on other ‘internal’ Australian animal issues.  We are in danger of becoming a country of hypocrites and I believe this is how we are, or will be viewed from overseas.  Many of our beloved Australian native animals are on the endanged list.  Past reports and footage showing Australian livestock being exported in atrocious conditions.  And of course the footage and photographs that show how kangaroos have been killed here in Australia.

Maybe Kraft’s event which was designed to celebrate Australia was more accurate than we Australians like to accept.

The Daily Telegraph story and footage

Sunrise Weekend news broadcast