Photograph Sunday – Meet the Fur Family


Mini, Cooper and Max (left to right) wait outside the kitchen baby proof gate. Waiting in hope!

Don’t be fooled by their tiny brown eyes or sad demeanor.  These three dogs are loved and spoilt.  Mini and Cooper are our white, fluffy dogs.  Max is visiting with his Mum – who is also my Mum (I guess that kind of makes Max my brother).

They sit in continuous hope for treats from the kitchen.

The gate enables me to cook uninterrupted from the Toddler and the Fur Kids.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Tiny sheep on our front inner city lawn

Mini and Cooper's Garden Adventure



Well no not really but tiny sheep is what they looked like today.  I have finally fixed our front gate which means for the first time Mini & Cooper could safely venture onto our very small front lawn.


They spent the time chasing each other, play fighting and eating grass – hence the title ‘tiny sheep’.


They were having so much fun it inspired me to get the camera.  I wanted to share the photographs with you.


It is coming up to their first birthday so below I have also added a video of the highlights of their first year of life (I am a very proud puppy mummy).




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