Photograph Sunday – The Simple Beauty of Home Life


Watching a little TV on a very wet day

Photography inspiration is all around us.  Everyday life is fascinating and beautiful if you are present, aware and conscious of your surroundings.

You can teach someone the science,  maths and techniques of photography but you can’t teach someone to see.

I choose to focus on the beauty, positive, inspirational, fun and good in the world with my photography and sustainable living. 

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!


Photograph Sunday – Our Local Area


Warragamba Dam is one of many dams in our local area but it doesn’t supply our water – millions of Sydney residents drink this water.

This photograph was captured on my smart phone, on new year’s day – we thought we would explore a little more of our new area.

Thought in particular GreenEggs would like to see this photo – we have only recently worked out, that I reside where she grew up (but now living abroad).  Cyber world can be equally small.

Photograph Sunday – A Simple Sunset


I have just realised that I haven’t been clear regarding the photography on this blog.  Regular readers know that I am a professional photographer however when it comes to my GreenerMe blog, I prefer and enjoy using my smart phone. 

Think I shall update my ‘About & Contact’ page.

Interesting fact: the very first professional digital camera I used on a job was $16,000 (just body) but only 1 mega pixel.  My smart phone is 12 mega pixels and was free with the phone plan.

Happy weekend everyone 🙂

Sunflower and Honey Bee Photograph


Over the Christmas, new year break, I have been enjoying photographing my garden. However I have not chosen to use my professional cameras – instead choosing my camera phone.

This close up of a giant sunflower and honey bee gave me joy to photograph.   Love the glistening light on the bee’s wings.  Hope this image puts some ‘sunshine’ into your day.