Divine Smelling Lemon Verbena


At the last ‘Seed Savers’ event, I was given clippings of lemon verbena (Aloysia Citrodora). Oh my goodness,  the smell was surprisingly divine – can’t believe I have never smelt or even heard of lemon verbena before.


In a few days the leaves dried completely, inspiring me to try lemon verbena tea.  Very basically, I crushed up the leaves and added them to a tea leaf strainer.  Added boiling water to a mug and wahlah!  Again nothing earth shattering scientific – very basic but pleasantly refreshing.

Apparently fresh lemon verbena leaves can be used like a herb, adding flavour to fish and poultry dishes.

I’m thinking I would like to grow my own verbena plant.  I’ll have a ponder as to where it would be best to grow a three metre shrub that prefers good drainage soil.  Perhaps not where the recent flash flood ‘river’ flowed.