Major Milestones – How Do You Handle Change?


What a difference a week makes.

Without tears or hesitation our Little One took her first swimming class without me in the water too – just her and the teacher.  To say the transition went swimmingly is not only a pun but an understatement.

Then two nights ago, our Little One announced loudy “potty” while tugging at her nappy.  Once I helped her remove her nappy, she then proceeded to do a number 1 and 2 in the potty.  My husband and I danced, clapped and cheered for the rest of the night.

To my surprise, she has continued to successfully use the potty every time without my prompting – I had no idea how often a child does number 1’s.

I sense this developmental mile stone, signals things will change very quickly on our home front.

The only constant in life, is change. The happiest people I know, understand this and embrace it (not fight or attempt to control it).

Photograph Sunday – Happy Mother’s Day


My Mum and our Little One share a snuggle. Happy Mother's day everyone!!

Today is Mother’s day in Australia  (and probably New Zealand too).

If where you live it is not Mother’s day, pick up the phone and call your Mum (Mom) anyway.  If that is not possible, do something nice for a Mother who deserves a kind gesture.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!