An Inclusive, Always Opened Community Garden in Sydney

Over three years ago, a small but inspired group of Green Square locals, had a vision – install tiny community garden patches throughout the Green Square area of Sydney.

As one of the co-founders of ‘The Green Square Growers‘, we rebelled against the idea of having a traditionally fenced community garden.  For us it was paramount that our community garden patches were inclusive and accessible to anyone, anytime – no fence, gates or restrictive membership.

Last Saturday, The Green Square Growers gathered to give one of our patches some care and love.

Personally what I most love about the garden patches, is we don’t know all who care and use them. Sit for awhile near one of the patches, on a weekend or even after work hours.  Eventually you will encounter a ‘phantom’ local gardener.  They plant, pick, harvest, water and enjoy their local garden patch in their own time and in their own way – planting, picking, harvesting, watering and caring.

On Saturday, I watched from a distance as a young family gathered around the garden patch, just after The Green Square Growers left.  They have never attended a Green Square Growers gathering and probably have never engaged on our Facebook page but to me they are the reason our inclusive vision has been successful.

Quietly and respectively I listened as the family explored the garden patch together.  “What’s that Dad?” asks the youngest child. “Tomatoes and I think that’s rosemary….try some mint”.

The conversation and interaction with the garden patch warmed my heart.

Some Green Square Growers at the Tote Library garden patch, in Zetland