Self Seeded ‘Volunteer’ Plants

My friend and prominent Australian sustainabity blogger Gav (Greening of Gavin) has recently written about ‘volunteer food’.

Volunteer food?  Gav has coined a new phrase for self seeding edible plants – plants that grow up in your garden by themselves (seed left in the ground from the actual plant from previous seasons).

This has got me wondering, what ‘volunteer food’ is growing currently in your garden?


Currently in my garden rockett (as per photo), cherry tomatoes and zucchinis are growing in many places I haven’t planted them.

Some plants I have removed, some transplanted and some are left to grow just where they are.

It would be interesting to know, what volunteer food is growing in different garden locations around Australia and the world.


Have You Heard of the Fruit Called Pepino?

Rain is forecasted for the next couple of days.  Rain falls on our roof, as our little one sleeps for an afternoon nap – ohhhh the serenity!  All of which gives me a moment to write and share with you.

Days of continuous rain is a great time to transplant clippings and seedlings – giving the plant’s roots a chance to adjust before the hot sun returns.

I’ve now transplanted my pepino clipping, given to me at Saturday’s Seed Savers.



Pepino fruit isn’t widely known here in Australia.  The pepino plant is an evergreen shrub (almost a ground cover) and originates from South America.  The fruit is as juicy as a water melon and has a light, sweet taste.

After I tasted my first pepino, I knew I had to grow them – especially as my neighbour has them growing successfully in her front yard.

Apparently the plant grows and fruits quickly – won’t have to wait years before you can enjoy the fruits of your labour (yes the pun was intentional).

This is where I will be growing my pepino plant:


I’ll let you know how it goes…..