Does Julia Gillard Think, Ban Live Export Outrage Will Go Away?

Over 200,000 signatures have been presented to the Gillard Government, from across Australia, to Ban Live Export.  Yet our Government is strangely quiet?

From ‘inside’ feedback I have received, there are some within the meat industry that believe the anger people have, will quieten down soon.

Their thinking is that it is only the vegetarians, vegans and nutters who are outraged by the footage and therefore as the vegetarians and vegans are not the meat industries market anyway, it doesn’t really matter.

I am not a vegan and I am not a vegetarian and I am sure my regular readers will vouch for me, that I am also of sound mind. Therefore I can assure the meat industry that I am their market and I am disgusted by any indifference that anyone from within the industry may have to what is happening to our livestock export.

Furthermore Julia Gillard & Joe Ludwig you say you were unaware of our exported catttle being tortured, however you are fully aware now.

I am not going anywhere!  I also know GetUp, Animals Australia, RSPCA and 200,000 plus Australian voters are not going anywhere either.

Just to prove this and put some of my money where my mouth is, I have just donated towards having the Ad below put on TV (Ad created by GetUp, Animals Australia and RSPCA working together).

You can help by spreading this Ad through your social media networks (and of course old fashioned word of mouth).  If you can contribute a little towards putting this Ad onto Australian Television, that is fantastic too.

Yours in Loudness

Sarhn  🙂


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