Photograph Sunday – Hello Winter


Tomorrow is the first day of Winter.

When the wind stops and rain eases to allow the sunshine through the clouds, the days are delightful here throughout Winter.

Blessed is the gardener who can plant seeds in every season in their garden.  I will be continuing planting peas for the next two weeks, then planting onions.  Lettuce and spinanch I will continue to plant throughout winter too.

Have a lovely weekend everyone – get outside and enjoy!!

Loving Our Liquid Amber Tree in Autumn


I am flat on my back – laying on our lounge room floor.  Fingers crossed this is a temporary strained back and that tomorrow I’ll be back to ‘normal’ again.

From the floor I can see my beloved Liquid Amber tree. From deep green to orange and soon bright red – the tree’s changing leaves puts on a spectacular show.

Not sure if my photograph captures the deciduous grandeur but I hope it adds a little Autumn colour into your day.