Joe Ludwig, I’m Angry Our Cattle is Being Tortured

Many people have been asking me today about my thoughts about the Animals Australia footage, shown on 4 Corners last night (about the torture of Australia’s exported cattle in Indonesia).  Sickened and very angry I have been tweeting and emailing.  Here is my email to Australia’s Minister for Agriculture Joe Ludwig:

To Joe Ludwig,

I am emailing you so to add my name in support to ‘Ban Live Export’.

Yes I watched 4 Corners last night and yes I am sickened and really angry about it.  Hasn’t Australia spent millions of tax payers money in educating these abattoirs already?

I choose to believe you were not aware of the sickening torture of Australian cattle in Indonesia before the Animals Australia footage was viewed on 4 Corners last night.  This however means that if Australia’s Minister for Agriculture was ‘in the dark’ about these horrors, then I would argue that tax payers money to educate and improve conditions for our cattle in Indonesia has been wasted.

I have lost confidence that Australia can control or ensure the humane treatment of our exported livestock, once overseas.  For this reason I support the Ban on All Live Export from Australia.  I will not support any industry in Australia that profits from the suffering of any person or animal.

I’ll be watching with great interest and dedication, the decisions made by the Australian Government on the future of the Live Export Trade in Australia.

Thank you for your attention.

Sarhn McArthur

Want to do something to help?

1) Did you miss 4 Corners?  As distressing as it was, it is a story that needed to be told.  Click here to watch it.

2) Email Joe Ludwig (Minister for Agriculture)

3) Let Julia Gillard know your thoughts

4) Sign the Ban Live Export petition

5) Watch Animals Australia & RSPCA Ad (and donate towards having it aired on TV)