For the Love of Bee and Ladybug Attracting Flowers

Ohhh how it feels timely to create a post about flowers – good for the spirit (mine and hopefully yours).

When planting flowers from seed I tend to favour varieties that attract beneficial insects to the garden – love those bumble bees and lady bird bugs.


Zinnia California Giants


Marigold Naughty Marietta

Here are some of my favourite bee & ladybug attracting flowers:

* Marigolds
* Zinnia California Giants
* Cosmos
* Sunflowers

Some bee only attracting flowers I love:

* Poppies
* Salvia
* Roses
* Cornflower
* Lawn chamomile
* Alyssum
* Chives

Flowers are a gift.  Now don’t you feel refreshed and uplifted?

Needing Help to Identify this Insect


It has now been 18 months, since we moved to our semi rural home. 

Even though distinctive,  I have never seen these bugs when we lived in the inner city of Sydney (or anywhere in Sydney for that matter).

As yet, I have been unable to discover their identity.  Hence the call out for help.

What are they?  Are they a gardener’s friend or foe?