Recent Inner Reflection on My Blog Writing

These last few days of blog silence, I have been smiling while reflecting.

From the beginning of my blog (way back in 2008), blogging was a way to journal my thoughts, findings and changes.  A way to remember what, when, who and why for my future reference but in a public medium, so I remain accountable and open.

Earlier this year, I was seriously considering changing the purpose of my blog writing.  From writing for myself to monetising my efforts.

However after much investigation, consideration and inner reflection, I decided this was not the direction that would be most beneficial for my family’s goals (at this time). 

There is never enough time to do everything but always enough time to do what is most important.

These past few days of my blog silence, confirms I have made the correct decision.

All this being said, I can assure you that I will continue posting GreenerMe posts – just for the pleasure and enjoyment of it.  ‘Business as usual’ as nothing changes.

I’d like to take this time to say “thankyou” to you!  To you the reader (the quiet lurkers and the many who have reached out over the years, to share with me – I appreciate you all).

Going forward there will again be times of frequent post updates and yes sometimes infrequent updates too (life sometimes gets in the way of what we want to do).

Until tomorrow….


Tomorrow I will share my gluten free playdoh recipe - for some sustainable children play fun.

Humbled that Australia’s Prominent Sustainability Blogger, Interviewed Me


Last night Gavin from the ‘Greening of Gavin’ interviewed me for his blog cast – episode 111.

Gavin is Australia’s most prominent sustainability blogger and in my humble opinion, an Australian National treasure – with his years of dedication to not only living a sustainable life but educating others how they can too.

Gavin also interviewed me back in 2011, way back at episode 14.

At the end of last night’s interview I thought it would be fun to take a screen shot of my mobile phone screen (to accompany this post). Hmmmm I should of taken others – not my best look.

As soon as Gavin uploads the blog cast to his website, I’ll add the link here, so you can listen in.

Thankyou Gav!

My Commitment to Post Daily, Even When Life Gets in the Way

I assumed it was the days of little sleep that caused my physical exhaustion (reasonable assumption).  However my high fever, vertigo and stomach cramps that followed, indicated another possibility – I picked up a nasty bug.

Furthermore it was apparent that our Little One had picked up the bug too, which was perhaps the reason she wasn’t sleeping at night (causing my lack of sleep too).

It’s times like these, I am reminded by the saying ‘sometimes life gets in the way of what you want to do’.

Regular readers would have noticed my posting frequency has become daily this year. I have actually made a personal commitment to myself, to post every day because it is something I enjoyed and believed important.

But what do you do when ‘life gets in the way’?  This past week I have been posting mostly completed draft posts – saved and ready for times like these.

Another ‘secret’ to my commitment to post daily, is that sustainability isn’t something that I just do in free time.  Sustainabity is now a lifestyle – what we eat, do, buy and even invest in. Therefore there is an abundance of post topics on what we simply do each day.

Here’s to this week being healthier for all on my home front and I wish a brilliant week for you too. 🙂


Almost Seven Years of Blogging – time for a fresh look

It has been almost seven years, since I wrote my first post on GreenerMe. I would like to take this moment to thank each and every reader who has shared my journey along the way.

Thought it was time for a refresh in the ‘look and feel’ of my blog design.  I would certainly appreciate any feedback you have for me – the good and bad.

Tonight I celebrated my blogging milestone by baking a gluten free and vegan cake but that is for another post……………