Why Everyone Shouldn’t Eat Dairy with Spinanch or Meat?

Spinach grows all year, in our Australian temperate zoned garden.  Therefore spinach accompanied the sustainable fish we cook last night for dinner.

Here is my easy recipe for spinanch and other seasonal vegetables, that I cook regularly.  It is a surprisingly enjoyable recipe that even our toddler will eat.


Thinly chop a clove of garlic and lightly fry.  Add the spinanch, some green string beans, cherry tomatoes, saltanas and pine nuts.

To ensure my body is able to absorb as much iron from the spinanch, I use Nuttelex dairy free butter for frying as dairy decreases iron absorbtion.  Being dairy intolerant is an advantage when it comes to iron absorbtion.

Adding cherry tomatoes not only adds a tangy flavour to the vegetables but also adds vitamin C to your meal.  Vitamin C helps with the absorbtion of iron.

I add other vegetables at different times of the year but the spinanch is always a constant. 

Good nutrition simple, easy and tasty.

6 thoughts on “Why Everyone Shouldn’t Eat Dairy with Spinanch or Meat?

    • Ohh Julie that is astounding. Thankyou for sharing it with me. 550 hectares of forest created by one man – what a legacy! I was amazed to see elephants, rhinos and tigers had returned to the area. I feel humbled and inspired to do more.

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    • Correct Gav. It is best not to consume dairy at the same time as iron rich foods. If no Vitamin C is present within the meal, it is good to have an orange for example straight afterwards.


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