Used Tissues a Useful Resource?


Our Little One has been very ill with an aggressive bacterial respiratory infection.

I have cancelled everything with the need to quarantine her from the world (for her sake and the sake of other Little People).

Now our kitchen waste container, holds the magnitude of waste tissues created daily.

Did you know you can compost tissues?   In fact tissues are considered ‘high carbon’ material for your compost.

Admittedly I am not overly technical with my composting, instead just focusing on these two ‘Sarhn’ rules:

1)  Have at least three times the amount of carbon material (dead waste like dry leaves, newspaper, dry straw and tissues) to that of nitrogen material (green grass, kitchen waste, green garden waste and even urine).

2)  Turn the compost at least weekly.

Most people find it easier to gather nitrogen material, than three times the amount of carbon.  Therefore a bad cold, generating an abundance of tissues can be considered a ‘silver lining’ for gardeners (don’t get me wrong – I would prefer a healthy and happy Little One).

Your used tissues are not waste but a resource.


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