Balance and Community Gardening

Having a frequent blog posting habit, has helped with identifing when life is getting out of balance.  I didn’t post yestetday and almost didn’t today – I have so much to share but it is currently challenging as life is getting a little too ‘full on’ for my liking.

Time to pull back in some areas, say no in other areas. Waiting for life to ‘settle down’ before one takes it easier is a fallacy – life is always busy. Therefore one needs to smell and savour the roses throughout the journey – not wait till life gets easier.

Hard to articulate and harder to express through writing but blogging has helped me keep balance this year.  Perhaps I need to ponder this some more.


On an updated note, the new community garden I am helping to start has a new Facebook page.  We have done most of the planning – we are now set to get our ‘hands dirty’.  The 19th of July has been set for our first garden building day. 

Man I passionately love this stuff!


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