How We Made Sustainable Money Investing in our Baby

Over two years ago, my husband & I felt ill listening to friends share what they spent in preparing for their baby’s arrival.

In order to reassure our concerns, I decided to turn our baby arrival preparations into a fun challenge. We agreed on the maximum limit allowed to be spent for the baby and nursery.  Also we agreed that once those items no longer were needed, we would attempt to sell them for the same or more money than what we purchased them for.  Therefore the money could continually be reinvested along the way, for items needed for our growing child.


Today I purchased second hand, over 1000 large leggo blocks for $12.  I know in years when she has outgrown the blocks, I will be able to sell them for at least the same amount.

My tip?  Buy well, second hand.  Look after the items so when the time comes, you will get a good price for them.

Warren Buffet was correct, wealth is passed from the impatient to the patient.  Buying and selling items second hand, at times takes patience. 

Who would of thought patience can improve bank balances and protect the Earth’s resoures.  Have I lost you or are you with me?

** On a side note, generosity and compassion must always be in balance with our fun challenge.  We sell items and we give alot away too.


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