I Choose Hope, Joy and Positivity

Positivity, hope and joy always trumps negatively, as tools for influencing change.

In regards to environmental matters, the negative “sky is falling” strategy, often achieves the exact opposite to what is wanted.  Instead of motivating people to change, people’s ears become closed and eyes shut.

In comparison; inspire people, make them ‘feel good’, make them laugh and give them believable and achievable hope – then people will listen, learn and more likely change.

Last night I was reading our Little One a bed time story, that was borrowed from the Library.

It depicts a young boy’s love of the only tree left in his city.  One day the tree was removed.  The boy’s pain and loss turned into hope, when he found a clipping of the tree.  He planted the clipping in the basket of his tricycle – so it could be close to him wherever he rode in the city.

On the last page of the book is a beautiful illustration – showing people being inspired by not negativity but by the boy’s hope and joy.

Look closely and ‘feel’…


'Last Tree in the City' book by Peter Carnavas. Thankyou Peter for such a wonderful children's story - a story and message for all of us!


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