Who’s Obsessed with Light?


As a professional photographer I have been obsessed with light for over 20 years (occupational hazard 😁). 

Today while gardening, it occured to me that I have also become obsessed with light as a gardener of edible plants.  Where, when and how long light falls apon my plants. Every season taking careful note that my veggie gardens have access to at least six hours of light (while protecting them from the harsh setting, Southern hemisphere’s Westley sun).

With the tremendous rainfall we have had over the last twelve months, trees have grown much taller around our vegetable gardens.  Taller trees and a lower sun (winter sun is lower in the sky than summer) means far less light.

Basically this all means, many more tree branches will need to be trimmed in the coming days – more branches to get creative with.


8 thoughts on “Who’s Obsessed with Light?

  1. Same here. I’m also a photographer, I even have my BFA, and a gardener. And the son of an astronomer. So it’s a triple play obsession with me. It’s all light! Oh, I’m also fascinated by Einstein’s early work involving light and it’s properties. I can go on for days…

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    • I have just relinquished my ‘obsessed light title’ to you James. I know when I am trumped. Out of interest do you like the impressionist period of art and music? That was when photography was invented and art and music was all about depicting light.

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      • I think Einstein had us both beat. He would fantasize that he was riding a beam of light through space. It was these fantasies that allowed his unique mind to come up with his greatest works in physics including relativity. All when he was around 21 years old. Then he spent the rest of his life trying to crack the quantum singularity issue. Why small particles and large planetary objects behave differently. It’s still relatively unsolved today. Sorta. Now there’s a man who’s light obsessed!

        I love the impressionist painters! I was at the Art Institute in Chicago for work a couple years ago and spent some time in the Monet room. I was awestruck to the point where I actually began tearing up. A grown man standing in a room with strangers weeping quietly. The beauty was too much for me to bear. I’ve never had such a strong reaction to art before and I’ve been around it my whole life. It was profound.


      • Well aren’t we two peas in the light pod James ! As for Einstein, wasn’t he a brilliant light tripping hippie – who would have thought. Seriously though the divide between high intolerance, creatively and madness is blurred – perhaps subjective. As for me, I appreciated Einstein for being dislexic – comformting to know that a such a brilliant man had learning challenges.

        I understand and love your reaction to a Monet painting. That period of time in art and music has influenced not only my professional career but perhaps much of my life, subconsciously.

        Perhaps the whole of humanity are a little obsessed with light (even if they are not aware of the obsession)?

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  2. Ah a permaculture post. 🙂 It is so important where gardens get planted isn’t it? So easy to think that things won’t change and of course they will / do. We have learnt so much (well I have) .. has taken ages. Loving the experience though. 😀

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    • I didn’t think of it as permaculture Julie, but you are right. Funny how permaculture principles and philosophies get into your heart and mind – so much so it just becomes part of what we do.


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