Proof that the World Didn’t End Yesterday


Our dogs Mini and Cooper snuggle to keep warm. They are experts at savouring every moment.

156 days of writing daily, consecutive blog posts ended yesterday.  Why didn’t I post yesterday? The easy answer is because I didn’t want to.

The deeper answer is that I made a conscious decision to remind myself that:

* Just because I can, doesn’t mean I always should.

* The world will continue, oblivious to my blog ‘silence’.

* Goals are important but equally important is to evaluate your goals constantly.

* Infrequent times of ‘doing nothing’ is not wasteful but essential if one wants to savour the journey.

Until tomorrow….


10 thoughts on “Proof that the World Didn’t End Yesterday

    • It is nice to know someone noticed Julie. When I started my commitment to post daily, I didn’t imagine I could get to 156 days without missing a day. Sometimes it is good to be stretched and yes sometimes it is good to stop and smell the roses. Thankyou ☺

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