You Can Never Have Enough Disco Balls


Remember the tiny disco balls I sourced second hand for our Little One’s cubby house?  I just found a large one about the size of a soccer ball (bought at a second hand charity store).  Apparently you can never have too many disco balls!

At any time of the day, light bounces off the large disco ball, adding dancing refections throughout much of our veggie garden beds.  Interesting that I have noticed this scares the annoying black birds from this area.

In conclusion it appears large disco balls, are potentially the coolest scare crows ever – loved by small children.


2 thoughts on “You Can Never Have Enough Disco Balls

  1. I miss my giant disco ball I had during college. My room was right next to the house next door, so sunlight was scarce. I installed a few old style car side mirrors outside the windows. The ones with the adjustable arms.

    I aligned them all so that every day at around 2:00 the sun would shine into the room from three locations and hit the disco ball all at once.

    A brilliant explosion of light and movement occurred and it looked like something out of an Indian Jones movie. My guests that were not in the know, would often jump and dance around in excitement and confusion. And I would yell out, “the prophecy! The great conjunction is upon us”.

    Um, I smoked a lot of pot in college. But that doesn’t need to be said now does it 😉

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    • I read your comment yesterday James but only got around to responding now. I was out in the garden earlier today and smiled upon seeing the reflecting disco ball lights dancing around – immediately thought of your story.

      I am very impressed that you worked out where to place the mirrors so the light all shone onto the disco ball at 2pm. That is very Ancient Egyptian of you! Such a great story James, I am glad you shared it.

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