Unsustainable Distraction

From an early age, many have learnt to fear silence.  At the very least we are uncomfortable with stillness.

Lurking in the quietness are our regrets, pain and big questions regarding meaning and purpose.

Very quickly we learnt to avoid moments of stillness, quietness and especially silence.  Instead of self reflection to heal and advance, we use distraction to ‘cope’.

Majority of the world are living a life of distraction.  Ever moving, ever busy, ever buying, ever using, ever consuming – ever distracting themselves from important truths and lessons that can only be found being still, quiet and silent.

This perhaps is the reason many environmentally minded souls I have met, are also deeply spiritual, self reflecting and self aware.  In the pursuit of caring about their environmental impact, distraction is reduced – giving the opportunity to finally answer those questions and face those demons. 

Humanity’s hunger and need for distraction is not sustainable – for individuals, humanity or our environment.



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