Bye Bye Mum


Today with a heavy heart, we say goodbye to my Mum who has been staying with us for six weeks.

She heads home to sunny, warm Queensland  (escaping our winter).

My love of gardening and cooking was inherited from my Mum.  Some of my happiest childhood memories was spent in the garden with my family and eating my Mother’s home cooked food.

Love you Mum. Safe travels. See you soon. xox

6 thoughts on “Bye Bye Mum

  1. Pleased to meet your Mum and share her passion for community ….. you are blessed Sarhn to still have your Mum to share moment past and present. Look forward to having a (longer) chat next visit!

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    • Thank you Helen. After Mum met you, she had such lovely things to say. She was very impressed with your ‘up and go’ community spirit. Yes I am blessed and grateful.


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