Lack of Imagination Creates Garden Waste?

What I considered as garden waste is now a treasured resource.

Two years ago I was raking the Autumn leaves to fill the Council’s green recycling bin.  Even last year, I was chopping up tree branches to also fit into the green recycle bin.

Yes it is good that these items will be turned into mulch by the council but I was throwing away good resources.


Now the above tree branches are being used for numerous weaving projects like privacy screens and fencing.  Also the strong ‘bamboo like’ branches have now been turned into garden stakes. It is crazy that I was throwing the branches away then buying bamboo stakes from a garden centre.


Autumn leaves fallen from our large deciduous trees are now being used as mulch and compost.  A large sandy area where nothing but weeds previously have grown, now has a very thick layer of mulch leaves.  The leaves will stop or slow the weeds over time (leaves takes awhile to break down). Then the leaves will turn into a nutrient rich top layer for the garden – helping the soil to support future growing plants.

I doubt there really is ‘true’ waste – just our own lack of imagination, knowledge and motivation to see things differently.  To see waste as a potential resource.


15 thoughts on “Lack of Imagination Creates Garden Waste?

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  2. Good for you! The same idea occurred to me last year, why buy mulch, when I can use what I have?!
    I’ve got a Japanese Variegated Willow that we just learned grows/displays best when pruned hard every spring. It produces a LOT of small, thin leaves. In autumn, I’m thinking of letting the leaves fall where they will, rake them up every other day, and apply them to my highbed or around other plants that need to be mulched over winter. The plan is for the leaves to decay under snow & with time and in spring, I’d get really great top soil/mulch. Topped off by a summer trim from the willow, the beds should stay adequately moist & temperate.
    Unfortunately, the branches are not sturdy enough to use as trellises and I’d thought to donate them to the city, but now I’m motivated to see what other uses I can come up for them.

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    • The next wave of millionaire entrepreneurs and inventors are in the bussiness of seeing waste as an opportunity and resource. Saving money is the tip of the iceberg. Well done April. You should be proud of yourself. ☺

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