Humbled that Australia’s Prominent Sustainability Blogger, Interviewed Me


Last night Gavin from the ‘Greening of Gavin’ interviewed me for his blog cast – episode 111.

Gavin is Australia’s most prominent sustainability blogger and in my humble opinion, an Australian National treasure – with his years of dedication to not only living a sustainable life but educating others how they can too.

Gavin also interviewed me back in 2011, way back at episode 14.

At the end of last night’s interview I thought it would be fun to take a screen shot of my mobile phone screen (to accompany this post). Hmmmm I should of taken others – not my best look.

As soon as Gavin uploads the blog cast to his website, I’ll add the link here, so you can listen in.

Thankyou Gav!

12 thoughts on “Humbled that Australia’s Prominent Sustainability Blogger, Interviewed Me

  1. Hello Miss .. I just listened to the pod cast while I was cooking dinner. So nice to hear your voice! Wow .. I had no idea about your photography. You are amazing! Good on you for doing that .. I’m with both of you on the recycling, I have no idea why people can’t do it! I recycle everything … Dad would be proud of me! 😀 Well done you!!! Oh and I shan’t attempt one of those wicking beds either. LOL

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    • Cheers Gav thankyou for letting me know. I have added the link to my post too. Lovely chatting with you again Gav. Most of the interview I forgot we were doing an interview – just chatting with a friend about our shared passion on sustainability.


    • Autograph is in the mail – a signed printed photograph of me in my gumboots. You can find this photo on Gav’s website with the podcast interview – yay it has been uploaded. I have now added the link to my post. Thanks Julie ☺

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  2. That’s an amazing accomplishment! Well done! Spread the noble work all over the world until we as a species act like the responsible caregivers that we’re meant to be. Good on you, as I believe the Australians say. Is that right?

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