Protecting Personal Energy and Passion


Recently I was asked for a brief written history of the Green Square Growers  (the inner City Sydney, community garden group I co-foundered years ago).

Here is an excerpt:

In all we do, we seek a balance of fun and joy – only doing what makes us and the community happy and what is wanted and supported.  This has ensured our longevity – protecting our personal energy and passion.”

The older I get, the better custodian of my own energy I become.  Also better at early detection of when my life is out of balance – when more energy is being taken or given, in comparison to what is given back or received.

Far too many times I see those with passionate motives to make a positive difference, burn out.  How much more could they or we achieve for good, if we placed ‘balance’ as a priority for our lives.

This post is influenced by my own recent reminder of the importance of energy, joy and balance.


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