My Seed Saving Presentation – the easy peasy basics

Today I will be presenting to the Ladies at the Picton Branch of the Country Women’s Assocation of Australia.  They have asked me to give a talk on ‘Seed Saving from Edible Plants’.

For those who won’t be attending today (let’s face it, that is most of you).  Here are my dot point, notes.

I am more than happy to elaborate on any of these points, so just leave your question / questions as a comment and I will do my best to leave a more detailed answer for you.

Today will be fun – the Ladies are all so lovely.

Ready for my seed saving presentation

Ready for my seed saving presentation

Seed Saving  – the easy peasy basics

The Three Important Rules:
• Only attempt to save seeds from non-hybrid, open pollinated plants (often called heirloom, heritage or old-fashioned seeds). *not grocery store purchased fruit and vegetables!
• Save seeds from only the best plants (and eat the rest).
• Once seed is collected how will you store them so they are safe, dry, cool and easily identified?

The Easy Peasy Seeds to Save
• The easiest seeds to save are those plants in families with self-pollinating flowers.
• These are plants in the bean, sunflower and nightshade families.
• These plants require little isolation from each other to get offspring “true to type”.
• Anyone can and should save these seeds – just give it a go!

Examples of Bean family plants:
• All beans, peas, lentils, peanut, sweet pea, clover, alfalfa.
• Let the pods dry on the plant preferably. * Can cut plant and hang to dry
• Shell and store.

Examples of Sunflower family plants:
• Sunflower, cosmos, marigold, artichoke, lettuce, chrysanthemum, calendula.
• Allow plants to flower and collect dried seeds. * Can cut flower plant and hang to dry

Examples of Nightshade family plants:
• Tomato, pepper, capsicums, eggplant.
• Allow fruits to fully ripen (peppers, capsicums and eggplant need to be the final colour).
• For tomatoes squeeze seeds and pulp into a jar add a little water and let ferment for a day. Rinse and let dry on a towel. * Quick short cut is squeeze straight onto a paper towel to dry
• For peppers and capsicums, scrape seeds onto a towel and let dry (make sure they are fully ripe).

What is Self Seeding All About?
• Bonus and unplanned treats in the garden
• How to encourage and manipulate self seeding

Where to Acquire Heirloom Seeds? (where Sarhn get’s them from)
• Save and Swap with other seed savers


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