Not Allowing the Weather to Keep Me From the Veggie Patch


Finally the gale force winds subsided to just a breezey day.  Outside in the sun it was bliss.  After two weeks away from my spirit heeling garden, I ventured outside.

Gardening calms my busy mind, allowing me to be more connected and mindful to the moment – not revisiting the past or planning for the future.  Just being and just enjoying the now.

As our Little One slept, I was lost in the warmth of the moment – not aware of the cold approaching.


The loud thunder crash had me spinning on the spot to look up.  There is green in those clouds!!!! Run!!!!!

It was a mad rush to get our cars undercover and windows shut.  Luckily our fifth hail storm for the year, caused no damage. 

Tomorrow I plan to spend more time in our garden planting more peas, garlic and broad beans.

Despite the weather challenges we have had recently, I am determined to bring more balance to my life and my blog writing – getting in the garden will achieve both.

P.S. Today I was told it was ‘Mindful’ May. Something to ponder.


6 thoughts on “Not Allowing the Weather to Keep Me From the Veggie Patch

  1. What a lovely post! I completely agree with your post! My mind races all the time apart from when I am in the garden! Somehow suddenly I seem to gain some clarity! Looking forward to the updates and happy gardening in your lovely garden!

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