Do You Think Climate Change Influences Property Purchases?

Almost twenty years ago, I inspected a property for sale on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.  It was beautifully located right on the water – at sea level.

The real estate agent rang me afterwards to follow up.  “It’s a lovely home but I would be worried about climate change and rising sea levels”, was my response.  Today you may consider that a reasonable concern but twenty years ago, it probably was ‘out there’ and hence the agent unashamedly laughed at my feedback.

Not so long ago I had the opportunity to revisit that same property.  I stood and stared at the back yard which now has approximately five metres less garden than twenty years ago – it has simply eroded away.  I wonder if that real estate agent still laughs at climate change concerns from potential buyers?

This got me thinking to our home purchase almost two years ago.  Eventhough the house was located kilometers from the ocean, we still had a list of ‘must have’ features that were motivated by climate change and our desire to live more sustainably.

* Large north facing roof line for solar PV
* Ample north facing garden space for growing vegetables
* Area for below and above ground, rain water tanks
* A large undercover clothes drying area

Though not on the original list, having mature fruit and nut trees would also be on our list today.

I sense there are many other people today, who’s home must have feature list, has changed over the last twenty years.  Or am I still the strange ‘out there’ minority, that real estate agents laugh at?

I’m really interested to hear from real estate agents on this one – have you noticed any change to buyer’s needs due to climate change or the environment?


Our large undercover clothes drying area - enough space for four large washing loads.


A special thankyou, shout out to my Mum, who yesterday extended our undercover clothes drying area. Now the space dries even more clothes! Brilliant with all this rain we have had!


8 thoughts on “Do You Think Climate Change Influences Property Purchases?

  1. Hi Sarhn,

    Glad you’re still enjoying the Buxton fresh air! let me know if you still want me to chase the neighbour at the back for more space 🙂

    Just wondering if in your opinion, the 5 metre retreat in yard space was related to AGW, or any changes in climate for that matter? Or was it simply a case of soil erosion? In other words, is it a fact that the water line had come in by 5 metres or was the land falling away?

    Salt air from ocean spray is not healthy for soil, which is why many beach coastlines are not soil but sand. If erosion is what has happened, is there a link to climate change? Just inserting a thought or two.

    Hope you had a lovely Mother’s day yesterday.

    Warmest,… Peter


    • Hi Peter, that is a very good question. It is what I was actually pondering when I stood looking at the yard. I probably would have thought it was just erosion had I not met elderly locals who had lived in the area all their life. They said the ‘erosion’ really occured in the last couple of years after a number of ‘unprecedented’ storms – storms and storm damage they have never seen in their life time.

      In regards to our back neighbours, it looks like they are getting ready to sell as the blocks have been roped off – showing each block size.

      Thanks for your thoughts and comment Peter. Hope you and your family are well. x


  2. Interesting topic Sarhn. You were ahead of your time with that beachfront property.

    I’m afraid we just lucked into our place. Big yard, north facing roof space, about 4 fruit trees (1 survived), and a heck of a lot of potential. The rest we did ourselves.

    Once thing I have noticed around here is that homes with Solar PV sell faster than homes without it. Well that’s what my real estate friend tells me, and by checking out the local paper each week.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s really interesting feedback Gav from your real estate friend. What good fortune to ‘luck’ into a home that better suits sustainable living. Pass on happy Mother’s Day to K for me. x


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